U.S. Foreign Policy may be the new face of fascism

Germany led the world in developing fascism and corporatism as two heads of the coin of government while ordinary people and democracy got the tails. Government may unite business leadership generally with itself and serve its policy advantages rather than those of the masses including middle and lower classes. It may develop a great military power with technology to implement its foreign policy objectives of conquest for its financial advantage even if it involves puppet government. The question I have is did the United States choose to become a modern fascist power with President Clinton taking all of Ukraine from Russia without compensation of any sort, when Russia was weak, or did it blunder in that policy direction when it appeared that Russia was incapable of resistance?



Original sin’s punishment or correction was for humanity to be thrown into thermodynamic physics with the animals where they sought like all living creatures to input energy for growth. The Democrat Party seems to personify the urge to expand through corporatism backed up with extreme scientific and technological violence rather than develop cooperatively with Russia and China to develop good economic prospects simultaneously with a shift toward sustainable ecological rational economic policies that gets the most possible from the world’s declining natural resources and increasing population.

It is possible I suppose that Americans are to stupid or ignorant to comprehend the danger of Democrat Party foreign policy to the United States and world since 1994. If they are too stupid that is almost worse than if they are simply wicked in this case; wickedness might be corrected or eliminated while stupid is as stupid does and that’s about it.

During President Clinton’s administration the movie Dumb and Dumber was a hit. The present policy of war and alienating half of the world seems a development of the spirit of the age of the Clinton era- the zeitgeist.

I surveyed some of the many video games that youth have played like Call of Duty, Battlefield and so forth. Those games are tools for indoctrination. They have made Russia an enemy for a decade and have them attacking New York or plotting to end life on Earth. Aliens named The Covenant are the opposition force for Space Marines. Americans have been stuffed with entertaining non-sense for quite some time so perhaps it is no wonder they so readily acquiesce in wars that create mass poverty, death, pollution and waste the potential for productivity in opportunity cost for hundreds of millions of people. Not only is the energy crisis detrimental to Europe and the U..S.- it was entirely avoidable. Food costs are sky high thanks to the administration’s decision to pursue and fund war in Ukraine instead of finding a peaceful settlement that both Ukrainians and Russians could live with.

The world ecosphere is overstressed. Ecologigists used to say that the world can only sustain life for two billion people as the resources are running down. That means that intelligent rather than stupid leadership need be elected nationally if quite of lot of potential suffering is to be de frapped, a priori. Media tend to support the universal corporate state and violence is regarded as just doing business- why worry? That paradigm falls below the level of intelligent political leadership quite substantially in my opinion.





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