Mass Shooters Prefer Visa and American Express?

Credit card companies VISA and American Express have decided to stigmatize gun purchases using their cards as potential mass shooters. I guess that is the political correct corporatist action to take that would be satisfying to Democrats interested in tracking Republicans. In my opinion though mass shooters probably don’t have good enough credit to carry VISA or American Express.

Economic justice precedes social justice. Social justice without economic equity is somewhat foppish. Those Americans that aren’t Christian and concerned with conduct on Earth consistent with God’s criteria for eternal life and don’t have VISA or AMEX may be the largest class of mass shooters; I cannot say.

Secular agnostics or atheists that feel they have been permanently marginalized as part of an economic caste system may choose to perpetrate mass shootings as a means of political dissent. Maybe they actually buy a banderillero and have VISA and AMEX cards in their holsters for purchase of dissenting tools like AK-47s and 10,000 rounds of ammunition so they can shoot up masses of humans once and disappear into the hereafter.

I wonder if anyone has statistically analyzed the political affiliation of the victims of mass shooters. Maybe they are mostly Democrat Party fellow travelers explaining why Democrats are so much against gun ownership in the U.S.A. Adolph Hitler was against gun ownership in Germany too as it allows political dissent to rise to actual violence. If Republicans were commonly the victims of mass shootings I doubt that Democrats would care. State monopoly of violence is the preferred civil mode for fascists and corporatists alike.

The worst mass shooting of all was the one in Las Vegas. Real conservatives might tend to eschew traveling there because of its reputation, or moniker,  as  Sin City (or is that Washington D.C.?). The victims of that event might have been leaned preponderantly to the Democrat side because they don’t tend to recognize sin anymore, instead looking to the new books of evolutionary biologists promoting godlessness. For Democrats harm is the only morally wrong thing and passing on the genes is the sole meaning of life besides happiness. For corporatists profit is happiness and harm is financial loss. Financial loss for-others may be what mass shooters are after in their final will to achieve economic equality testifying toward the basic inefficiency, inequality and corruption in the way things are.

There may be just two remedies that lead toward good ends. One is faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The second is eliminating poverty with basic income and universal health care for the poor. A third item might be a Discover Card for every citizen and legal resident of the U.S.A.






2 responses to “Mass Shooters Prefer Visa and American Express?”

  1. romanticindeed Avatar

    America has become too damned soft. It’s as if these moronic “progressives” are this much against violence (through some idiotic belief that humanity has discarded their barbaric selves over their shoulders into history), that they don’t ever want to utilize violence against violence. I believe that’s the only way. Why? It’s because in order to take down anyone, you need to know your enemy. For a criminal who wants to shoot up a school or wherever else, you need to know your enemy by speaking that kind of person’s language.

    Of course, Democrats don’t comprehend this, because in order to “speak the language of a criminal”, they’ll have to admit that these potential mass shooters are mentally ill. That would make them more honest than they’re capable of, though would also make them out to be good sports who are able to hold themselves accountable for something. What do I mean by that? I’m meaning that if a political party’s objective is to say that those who don’t believe it’s the gun being the problem, being Republicans, they’ll pin the word “criminal” on those among politics. As in, it’ll no longer be understood, among politics, that there are legitimate criminals in that realm, as believing that a person who is a criminal (and must be held accountable) must be a one-sided endeavor. For it seems that Democrats want to see Republicans as criminals, while only using this argument of gun violence to make them, these Democrats, never viewable as criminals.

    If Democrats were to speak the language of a criminal, to actually solve this issue of gun violence, they’d be stating that they are criminals (or are people who can be held accountable), too. They’d have to agree with this Republican viewpoint of mental illness, no longer ever saying that it’s this inanimate object, a gun, that is the cause for gun violence.


    1. romanticindeed Avatar

      To add onto this, whenever a Democrat will criminalize a Republican, it’s through the same argument that Republicans use for gun violence. When a Republican will say that mental illness is the cause for gun violence, they have correctly stated the cause for gun violence. And when Democrats criminalize Republicans, they’ll use that exact same argument (for gun violence) to accurately depict a Republican as a criminal.

      To state a person to have criminal tendencies will objectively have to be portrayed in thoughts. This is how Leftists will take to arguments of speech, deciding a criminal behavior on what “offends” another individual.

      Perhaps without knowing it, Democrats use the argument of Republicans (about mass shootings/gun violence) against Republicans. In “knowing one’s enemy”, one has to consider how they think, thereby making Democrats the political party of doing just that, though directly at their opposition (instead of the problems of America).


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