Banning Select Library and School Books

For years conservatives have commented about left leaning social media censoring social media sites through a variety of ad hoc means. Outright deleting user accounts and burying politically antipathetic sites in search engine listings are just two of the methods commonly used. Thus it is somewhat amusing to learn of the left bellyaching about local libraries and schools banning some left-leaning books generally concerning perverted sex.

A healthy democracy is a comparatively short-lived thing. Aristotle believed democracies break down into tyranny. The Roman Empire experienced sexual licentiousness in the Cult of Bacchus and banned it. Sexual depravity commonly accompanies the downfall of civilizations. Leaders such as Nero were not only lunatics that believed themselves God, they also pursued sex and depraved interests and neglected sober, rational attention to management of public affairs. A common cause for the downfall of democracy is a surfeit of licentiousness, swinish behavior, irrational disregard for stable, solid and right balances in public affairs and pervasive social corruption.

In my opinion children age 12 and under should be free of homosexual literature seeking to brainwash kids early. Children should be allowed to be innocent and sex-free or simply natural so far as possible before puberty. I believe it wrong to dump homosexual literature upon children at middle school and junior high as well. Opportunists will manufacture an industry of literature extolling the values of perverted sex for children and teenagers if they can make a profit on it. It seems better for minors without the capacity for paying for marriage to stay out of sex activity as best they can, or to proceed carefully, for life-course altering consequences are better set aside for adulthood.

The internet and television are littered with sex and scantily dressed people in the U.S.A. Some children use language lexicons with sex innuendo inherited from their parent’s speech content. In my opinion that reflects more of a decadent society than one flourishing. Maybe thirty trillion dollars of pubic debt isn’t decadent, yet classically it seems consistent with decay. U.S. leadership funds foreign wars that result in millions of casualties and hundreds of thousands of deaths (e.g. Vietnam. Syria, Libya and Ukraine) and fails to pursue avenues of peaceful coexistence as a preferred alternative. Decadent societies run up vast debts and engage in a continuum of foreign wars sometimes with their populous divided over intractable social differences of opinion.

Good judgment in politics prioritizes pursuit of socially beneficial practices, encourages and supports individual independence and so forth. Practically speaking adult sections might have some literature like the book “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask” that parents could check out for their teen age children if they like, yet I see no reason at all to assault children with literature bring sex topics to impressionable youth. Youth shouldn’t have adult issues dumped on them for no good reason.





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