Democrat’s War Funding is Consistent with History of Escalation

The Democratic party of the United States became the face of war through other means (foreign persons) with force it’s usual way of conducting business. They do not at all believe in Democracy through the marketplace of ideas- they censor that so far as possible via corporate partners and limit free expression to their own ideas declaring everything else hateful. Democrats are ad hoc partners in corporatocracy with Wall Street , providing Wall Street leadership with wrong, dysfunctional directions they invest in. Democrats have learned that political force and litigation are a preferred methods to consolidate political power. The war in Ukraine is a case in point. Democrats have consistently escalated hostile relations with Russia since Bill Clinton took office. President Biden has as well; it is plain that his son was on the pay of a Ukrainian corporation. Who knows what other dark pool contributions made its way to partisan politicians. Plutocrats may lust for more Russian natural resources. Democrats have an attitude toward Russia of “you blinkity blank # x’s; heel!” and expect to force their culture on the world.

Reasonably well informed people would have known that with the disintegration of the Soviet Union Russia would emerge as the primary power and that it would expect its borders to be those that existed before the Lenin-Kaiser-Hitler-Clinton affects starting with the first world war. Historically literate people would have known that Russia’s borders in 1913 would be expected and fought for when enough time has passed for Russia to emerge from the dark shadow of the former Soviet Union. Yeltsin probably perceived that with the disintegration of the Soviet Union they were completely vulnerable to the N.A.T.O. forces that were then at the height of readiness for war. In a concession to the real politic absolute power advantage of the west at that moment in moment in time Yeltsin was compelled to kick the can down the road and let the west have its advantage with Ukraine. He selected Vladimir Putin to lead the New Russia and then died.

It may be that President Clinton saw the writing on the wall regarding the future of geopolitics. Maybe he realized that the United States and N.A.T.O. were the most violent and dominant power present on the planet for the moment and just decided to have everything his way for advantage west. To have a global edge on violence is nearly equal to having the power to rule the economy of the world. Maybe that explains why the Democrat party has been so forceful politically the past decade moving consistently toward one-party rule via lawyers; Perhaps they understood that Russia would be further diminished possibly through war, and then China isolated enough from the west to bring it to kow tow to Wall Street and the will of the Democrat Party politically. So the course of events of the Ukraine War may be logical enough, although there is a possibility that the use of political and military force may not deliver exactly the world the Democrat Party seeks. The Universal phase of a civilization (or the United States) tends to arrive just before its fall, within Toynbean cycles of history paradigmata. I wonder if that is what is developing, and if some restraint in political and military force could delay the decline for some indefinite period of time.

In a real sense the Democrat Party of the United States is responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all of the horrors of war that followed. The Democrat Party has been a prime weapons supplier to Ukraine for a decade in the effort to reinforce the Clinton-Majors-Yeltsin allocation of Russian real estate to the western allied government of Ukraine. They have never had the slightest intention of ceding any part of the New Ukraine to the New Russia causing the present conflict. Democrats blame Russia and Putin especially for the war with the implicit premise that they should never had tried to retake Russian land taken by Germans, P.M. Major and President Clinton for the west.

The war for Democrats and the media is business as usual snafu. Blaming Russia in the wealth owned broadcast media is normal. With the great power advantage of the west militarily and financially Democrats are confident that Ukraine will win what will be an historical dust-up and western investors and queer marriage will move the line of scrimmage farther east. That is bad business even so for it is use-truth that further divorces fact from truth in preference for fiction. That is, the historical reality of the conflict is viewed through entirely partisan lenses that filter out any sort of facts that would support the narrative of the enemy.

The war has occurred at an especially inopportune moment in the midst of the Anthropocene mass extinction event, human over-population demographic challenges for the world political economy and atmospheric heating. The war is an evil aberration entertained by those unable to comprehend the problem of original sin that would let the collective political leadership of the planet make bad political choices without an awareness of the collateral damage they bring to human interests.

Bringing people to work cooperatively is immeasurably preferable and better than through force. An economically integrated Russia and Europe accomplished without force was immeasurably better than creating a divided and hostile world polity. President Clinton as the first of two subsequent Democrats President should have respected Russian sentiment and interests and compromised with Russia on the Crimea and land east of the Dnepr River.





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