Account Somme (poem)

Somber colors of the fall                                       
light and shadows stretch out tall
cold is later like a call each could own
unknown future sets down sprawls

Shining surface of the sea
never was ever to be
reflections rise over quark trees in time
designs show more ordered keys

Wars and rumors of war fuel greed’s line
ice and paper electron trails tryme
waveform politics; not much was learned
fit pests plowed mass chaos fine

Ordered chaos, churning loam
peace is made with blood red foam
book of life, weighty tome, sans hoar frost
froth tossed due account Somme.

Published by

Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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