Potholes and Tents (poem)

Lighter than air the sea runs green
rivers of sky substances of dream
each ribbon of time woven round a world
is hurled blent to the ground

  Rainfalls bright upon the Earth
cascades light with easy mirth
spring follows night of winter days
to raise up life not sin

With comedy per king days spent roll on
pawns shrug off potholes, tents
to importunate songs far right
so new horizons near sight.

Published by

Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my lulu.com/garycgibson bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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