Desiderata About Prospective Nuclear War

President Biden summarized his outlook on the state of the Union recently saying that the chances for Armageddon are the best in history. He was of course referring to the nuclear war looming as a distant ship on the horizon that he would be likely to survive in a special shelter at an undisclosed location.

N.A.T.O. was formed when conventional war was the main thing on the diplomatic plate. It was a natural way of responding to the post W.W.II chaos of Europe against the red menace to the east. The United States was a strong trans-Atlantic partner and was willing to go to bat for Europeans once again if needed. I.M.O. the west is lazy lacking competant upgrades of game theory concerning war with Russia. They are not facing a conventional war in Europe and Russia has about zero likelihood of invading the U.S.A. as in Call of Duty Modern War 2 with an attack on New York.

With generally rotten war games models strategically and inventing a Russian invasion of N.A.TO. members in Europe as a real threat the upgrade has been to just expect Russia to rely on its best-in-show number of nuclear warheads to attack Europe. Some reference would be made to appeasement and the Sudentenland* or Chamberlain of course to reiterate the patriotic tunnel vision leading to nuclear war in order to save former Russian land in Ukraine from Russian control. I suppose that might be worth a billion or more casualties folling complete collapse of the world economy, mass starvation, pandemics and the chaos of trying to survive nuclear winter after the initial casualties of nuclear war. yet it might be worth having a nuclear war because L.A. can’t trade Westbrook for anyone good or even just take his contract. If the Patriots can’t win the Super Bowl maybe that’s worth a nuke or two? Maybe nuclear wars are the manly way to settle things these days if one can’t have everything their own way. Nuclear war is litigation through other means.

Western diplomacy has thrown gutter balls since the end of the Cold War leading to the present conflict with Russia via Ukrainian proxies. N.A.T.O. and the west have about a century of hatred of Russia so its almost automatic for them to add more weapons fuel to the fire leading up to the real chance of nuclear war within a year or two.

The west fails to understand Russia point of view at all concerning the Ukraine; Russia without the Crimea is unimaginable and without the land east of the Dnepr in Russian control there can’t be political stability. The west hasn’t been able to solve the Middle East problems between tow small nation/peoples in about the same time period, so failure is expected and normal with Russia too. The west are like Palestinians that demand the destruction of Israel and just can’t comprehend there is a valid opposite point of view.

Democrats have been the party of war and aggression since the ante-bellum south and are led by an old lawyer-bureaucrat who is like a horse trained to go out and argue without compromise with the opposite team until he drops dead in his traces. He also shares the Armageddon eschatology with wrong pre-tribulationists apparently; though he is a Catholic for abortion and homosexual marriage and should have some kind of amillennial perspective that isn’t so bad yet isn’t as good as post-millenniallism. Blunders compounded upon blunders increase the prospects for nuclear war. I have incidentally posted a three minute video on nuclear war consequences that seems a bit understated.

I wonder though why the President feels it right to pursue international relations in such a way as to gamble the lives of the population of the United States in order to keep Russia from having some acreage east of the Dnepr? Without American involvement Russia would have won already and the conflict would be wrapping up. Russia doesn’t need to nuke the U.S. to recover lost land, yet it could it President Biden is willing to offer the U.S. as a target because of its N.A.T.O. commitment to defend non-N.A.T.O. state. Maybe some might not care if Democrats are nuked, yet innocent Republicans and Independents might get scorched or radiated too.

Russia probably has learned that it couldn’t win a conventional war with N.A.T.O. yet it hasn’t ever declared that it intended too. If President Putin has put all of his chips into the war and President Biden is going to keep raising the stakes with weapons, cash and intelligence that does drive the conflict closer toward a nuclear war with maybe some of the 15,000 Russian nukes being thrown at European targets. So France and Britain hit Moscow perhaps after being dusted themselves. Would President Biden really launch more nukes from U.S. platforms just to invite retaliation and escalate the conflict?

Getting the war to end will require Ukraine’s Jewish comedian President Zelinsky to be excluded from negotiations and would need just Russia and the United States drawing a line in the farmland of Ukraine for peace. Cutting a deal like that is unimaginable to the adversarial legal team of N.A.T.O. of course that requires war unto the death of proxies until Russia gives up its recently annexed lands and Crimea, and that may not happen. The matter seems to have a lack of reason in it as if the leadership has a pandemic case of the ass.

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Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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