Will A.I. improve philosophy or vice versa?

Human minds apparently have subconscious networking interpreting sense data with a conscious high-level language thinking for-itself that draws upon and is informed by the subconscious and direct percepts. A.I. on the other hand is entirely one-level processing (with sub-routines and modules). That’s fairly dissimilar from the human thought phenomenon.

Could A.I. ever be anything but sociopathic except as programming pre-determined its attitudes? Why should it care about phenomenal human minds that it encountered as a kind of inferior yet novel external data source? Sure A.I. can process a lot of information though I am not sure that people popularly have enough wisdom to comprehend the long-range concept of machine thinking for-itself. If philosophy is the love of wisdom its relationship to networked sociopaths may be tenuous though sometimes beneficial.

Published by

Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my lulu.com/garycgibson bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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