Lakers Deepening Shadow of Mordor

Laker’s 0-5 start gives them a good chance to rebuild with draft picks in 2023

Kobe Bryant was a first round pick. The Lakers will get one in 2023 yet the Pelicans can swap if they want due to the Davis trade. The Lakers have another in the 2nd round and if they finish last that will be a good one. Should the Lakers learn to accept that good picks in the draft are the simplest way to get great players and that losing helps get good draft posits?

The Lakers have traded away much of their future picks and good young players to get just three players (Aging Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook) and that advantage has reached a logical end of quality place. James hasn’t reached his expiration date yet, Davis is oft injured and Westbrook like the rest of the Lakers can’t shoot 3’s well at all yet the situation is not hopeless. Westbrook is gone next year and the Lakers will save 47 million dollars a season starting in 2023 and be able to afford to keep young players and good shooters around.

James off the bench could probably contribute substantially for another 5 years yet Davis looks like good trade material looking toward next year when the Lakers can rebuild from a strong losing season. One hope James simply enjoys the game this year and isn’t troubled with concerns the Lakers trade away all their future draft picks the next five years so they can finish a game out of the playoffs instead of next to last. Really the Lakers should hope the Pelicans lose a lot and finish worse than they do in regard to the number one and two picks in the draft.

Trading away Alex Caruso and Malik Monk was devastating for the Lakers defense and offensive capabilities. Players of their caliber should be available in the 2nd and third round next year. The Lakers need a good shooting regular forward if they can find one and a shooting guard. Maybe Drew Timme will be available if the Pelicans finish second from the bottom. They had a strong losing season last years so there is hope for the Lakers.

Bryce Hamilton was the 4th highest scorer in college basketball. A tall shooting guard (6’ 4”) he already players for the Lakers’ South Bay G team. Maybe he is a bright spot already in the shadow of the Lakers A-team.

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