Throwing the First Stone

Throwing the first stone…Could God create a rock bigger than a Universe and lift it in zero gravity or would the special theory make the problem superfluous? If God lifted a Universe that is made entirely of one rock would the motion of the rock not be relative to the omnipresence of God; that is, would God need to move or lift anything at all for the rock to be one and all, and all in one? If God entangled all of the two-dimensional particles not entangled in the Higgs Field and converted those and all of the particles in the Higgs field that seem to be three dimensional into some sort of schist or a crystal rock- maybe a diamond, would it exist meta-universally within the field that contains all possible universes and would it be possible for anyone besides God to move it anyplace, though movement of the largest possible rock that is a Universe for-itself might be possible and impossible simulatenously?

 Information is conserved- Shannon Entropy, and isn’t destroyed. Apparently no information is lost; not even if the Universe ‘ends’. Matter and energy are convertible and were thought to be neither created or destroyed as well. That raises the point that if information is created yet not destroyed permanently (not even in black holes); was information never created (except by God) as well? Did the information of the Universe pre-exist the existence of the Universe? If determinsm with free will is the fact, is the author of a deterministic Metaverse required by anything he writes into being to rewrite it (such as lifting a gallstone that comprises everything that exists in the Universe because he doesn’t find it very interesting?

The rock of infinite mass would compact to a black hole and be a singularity since it was everything of a Universe (super massive). Would expanding the singularity faster than light for a fraction of a second count as lifting it?





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