Faith inferred from knowledge

Metaphysics and faith are useful in many fields. That is one might want to infer from what is known or use inductive reasoning to fill in gaps of the unknown. That’s useful in sailing, inventing things etc. Sometimes what isn’t known is necessary knowledge to have and one must outline a mind map creatively to discover that bite of land to put a boat in before dark. If one relied entirely on what is well-known and didn’t sometimes draw some sketchy inferences from it so much creative thought that turns out to be right would be lost. Faith that one’s judgment or dead reckoning is correct is necessary if one needs to act on one’s belief. Sometimes life presents forced options (as William James described) so one must make a choice. Even the Bible (Romans 10:17) has faith based on knowledge. “17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Metaphysics is the leading edge of physics and especially cosmology. I doubt if Hugh Everett’s many worlds conjecture developed as an alternative to the Copenhagen interpretation would have been created without his meta-physics thought about gambling (greater than physics) and game theory. Recombining diverse and theoretical concepts in thought experiments is a way that new and true ideas about physical cosmology can be found.

Modal logic universes can be theoretical universes or metaphysics used to test the logical validity of relations within a set. Those relations could be physical laws of a universe or even theological concerns such as determinism that in turn can be exchanged with select concepts from entropy and information theory. One populates a universe with a criterion of members or elements and then may verify the logic of their functions. Some universes may be non-functional yet others may be valid though not exclusively valid. In my opinion that field is metaphysics though technically it is modern logic and math, physics or whatever goes into it.

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Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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