Is the N.S.A. a lot of spoilt sacs of ?

Is the N.S.A. a lot of spoiled sacs of manure with attitudes that trim their fellow Americans? Is it a collection of brighter than average individuals that trample on average people with the glee of empowered juveniles? Should they be placed under the supervision of the F.B,.I.”

When the N.S.A. corrupts the fabric of democracy rigging search engines, violating privacy and civil rights of Americans rather than just foreigners it is an agency that’s gone too far with a vast budget to wreak their ideas of class supremacy on the nation.

It may be, of course, that they aren’t such a bad lot of people that run no risks except getting fat paychecks and don’t experience the grime of military service. Perhaps they should be required to learn humility by an annual session low crawling through a pig farm yard.





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