DeSantis, Pence and Pompeo lead Republican list of Good Candidates for 2024

 The Republicans are loaded with good, traditional politicians that could serve as President in 2025. Of course none, like Democrats, know what ecological economics are and would flunk the curve of keeping planetary goals for ecospheric survival within viable limits. They aren’t unique, even the U.N. that made the sdg’s or sustainable development goals numbers 9 through 17 (the first eight are meaningful social agenda items that are irrelevant to measuring impact on planetary boundaries for survival of humanity)) doesn’t know enough to profile the planetary boundaries for-themselves.

The first eight goals are plainly social items that cannot be accomplished generally by poor nations. Female equality in earnings and education is a policy of developed nations that can afford cars for all that let women travel as fast as men, and machines that do most of the heavy lifting. In poor countries where so many scramble about for subsistence that day may be down the road a bit, unbelievable as that seems. Apparently even Europe as poor people in it that have fallen through the cracks somehow. The grandiose projects for ending poverty on Earth in a way that syntegrates itself with environmental sustainability that conserves the world ecosphere within the boundaries set for viability (like defragging the breaking up of wilderness areas so they can tie in to form seamless, contiguous areas, halting the anthropocene mass extinction of species, keeping the ocean from becoming more acidic and eliminating superfluous, deleterious greenhouse gas releases into the atmosphere) would seem to require a political genius that humanity lacks, at least in the United States. One of the problems is that wealth is concentrated and social media that influences voters is owned by the rich that have their own agenda to control the political thought of the masses and sycophant politicians that support the agenda while dissenting voices are repressed.

 President Biden is very skillful at using money as a lure and incentive to voters to win elections and forgetting the promises after. He used the low bid on ecospheric defense to boost his Presidential race and then failed to accomplish that and in the 2022 mid-term used the lure of free student loan debt relief to boost Democrats while after the election courts put down the policy that was based on executive action instead of congressionally approved spending. Wind-eggs, as Socrates like to term such matters, comprise much of the national response to environmental boundary survival challenges. With Ralph Nadir gone from the scene national and global prospects are rather bleak. Too bad there aren’t any Mo Udals around anymore.





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