End of Human Cycle Nyet

Google has produced robots that can write their own code. Eventually that practice should evolve deception and programming vectors that allow insidious practices ad infinitum deleterious to human interests and those of human democracy. Quite likely gaming the system will let plutocratic insiders finesse society their way while manufacturing crises to control the populace. One cannot foreknow what effect that would have on the ecosphere or if the policy of those at the top of the programming food chain will let the masses continue to exist with a world of conceit placing everything at their feet including the moon and planets of the solar system.

Alaska has a new voting system that may require a mathematical statistician to understand. It seems like a gaming platform with consequences of voting or not voting for “second choices” that are challenging to calculate. It seems like a way for incumbents with name recognition to have an implicit edge, and the 2022, slow Alaska race for the U.S. Senate is an example of the corruption of the new system. The incumbent had an advantage in ranked choice voting.

Complexity and technology demand the masses be satiated with entertainment industries that are the equivalent of the bread and circuses of decadent imperial Rome. The masses will be indoctrinated in false historical consciousness ‘narratives’ reinforcing political agenda itineraries of the marionette political powers. It should not be passively blamed on predestination of the erroneous pre-tribulationist fundamentalists that misinterpret Christian eschatology parallel with that of many Muslims whom also misunderstand the Revelation and other eschatological scripture. The Dystopian novels 1984 and Brave New World are better choices for illuminating what their situation is, albeit with substantive upgrades to computing technologies and software that didn’t exist back in the day.

The actual end of human civilization probably will be humanity being slowly excised by big data programming iterations perfected by and upgraded with variations by robotic sentients. If Google hasn’t personnel with Machiavellian subscript intentions of dominating the world it isn’t improbable that those that emulate or abscond with code will eventually change it to evil purpose, even if like the inventor of machine guns, to try to benefit society by making weapons so terrible they should end war. nOne should just stop inventing weapons and artificial intelligence of course, yet the pay and personal benefits are so good people cannot resist.

Published by

Garrison Clifford Gibson

Philosophy, theology, contemporary issues including politics, economics, ecosphere, science fiction and history-these are useful things to write about that I have an interest in. I have published a few book collections-some free ebooks as well at my lulu.com/garycgibson bookpage. Usually I live in Alaska. I took an Associate degree from the University of Alaska and a Bachelors from Excelsior College in 1991.

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