Early and Modern Premillennialism

 Modern premillennialism became popular in the middle of the 1800s, yet it’s been around since the second century at least. The church fathers were roughly evenly divided amidst post-millennialism and pre-millennialism. The most notable point to me though is that it seems like a lot of people miss out on Jesus’ prophecies concerning the first century events leading to the fall of Jerusalem etc. He was the most accurate prophet of all (he should of course being God the Son). He said all of the things would be fullfilled before the last of the present generation and they were. That doesn’t mean that other prophetic things he said were included ib the first century prophecy fulfillment items though. Here is a decent brief paper on early premillennialists.

I can’t say I was aware of the various sorts of predestination. There seems to be at least five varieties theologically speaking. https://owlcation.com/hum…/Single-vs-Double-Predestination

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