Fox News Moves toward Corporatocratic Churlishness of Biased Broadcast Media

Major broadcast media outlets are notoriously biased toward proprietary politics reflecting their alignment toward the Democrat Party agenda generally with Fox nominally toward Republican politics. Recently though it has taken to using thematic demotics usually associated with Democrat broadcast media spin, and that is rather surprising. I would guess the reason is their owner’s desire to reinforce retrograde fossil fuel development and anti-environmental regressivism.

The late Rush Limbaugh’s rational Achilles heel was his notable and profound failure to comprehend environmental challenges to human survival on Earth. Broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the gate that leads to salvation; few there are in U.S. politics that find it. Fox may be doubling down on the political punk approach and urging more global greenhouse gassing industries because fossil fuel burning auto and truck engines continue to be the primary mover of most U.S. economic activity.

Anthropologically a human tool kit comprising a society’s means of working economic activity evolves. Directed economic activity is sometimes necessary when existential challenges demand focus from all of society to meet the challenges head-on and successfully. Changing the tool kit through directed laws and rules rather than letting it naturally evolve is where resistance arises from Fox and its ilk of sycophants of rich owners of the broadcast media. Leftist sycophants in the broadcast media need at least nominally support a conservative ecospheric economic approach to appeal to its base of support that is at any rate brainwashed into believing that racism is the basic political divide in the nation rather than economics.

Failing to adapting the national economic tool kit to ecospheric challenges in order to use tools that return short term profit builds the disaster base for the ongoing seventh mass extinction. Directed free enterprise with incentives to evolve and adapt the tool kit is the preferred way to proceed. Corporatocracy seems to pursue short term profits and long-term social control with broadcast media support across the broadcast spectrum as their minions are bought and paid for to promote the agenda with maladroit political interpretation and straw men issues.






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