Demos Confirm Homo Marriage was Main Concern

In the end of their lame Duck session dominating the legislative branch federal Democrats verified their main concern was homo marriage and queering up the nation. They failed to get substantial ecospheric and economic integration accomplished leaving the planet’s sustainability index in continuing decline. The rich owners of Wall Street were apparently concerned as marionettes with having the zero population growth plan to saturate the world with the legal fiction of homo marriage firmed up so far as to shift social reality through force of law into their evil demense.

Homosexuals do not marry, biologically speaking. Marriage has been redefined to mean any coupling of human adults (for the time being) with vows legally reinforced. That paradigm is socially divisive and a source of political turmoil even unto the point of wars and may have conseuqences ahead. Recognition of homo relationships that left sane marriage intact was the rational alternative. Like Latvia’s advocacy that Ukraine attack Russia, it flunked practical reason.

Interesting is the actual legal mechanisms the Senate used to reinfocrece homosexual marriage. They will force the federal government to recognize the laws on marriage each state has even if they differ substantially. It is opossible that some state will outlaw marriage and establish new relationship legally among adults that serve the same perpuse that are not based upon fiction. THen Democrats may seek to pass a law to establish the ‘equivelency of marriage’ to cover the new legal paradigm.

The ‘Respect Marriage Act’ to disrespect marriage and promote a homosexual usurpation through legal pretense shall require Federal laws to follow individual state’s laws in patchwork array presumably. One would imagine that the antebellum southern plutocrats would have loved such a law to compell federal authorities to return escaped slaves to states that allowed slavery (The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850). When Congress required all states to return escaped slaves they went a bridge too far.,returning%2C%20and%20trying%20escaped%20slaves.






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