Pres Biden Props Up Another Foreign Dictator

The United States doesn’t recognize Venezuela’s President Madura as the constitutionally elected President. There are no Democrat committees set up to investigate the fake election results, just Joe Biden’s emissaries conducting friendly business deals to let President Madura export oil to the United States.

Venezuela has lots of fine oil Americans can burn up and add to the vast left-wing supported global warming gas flow streaming into the sky from auto a-holes. Some leftist drive electric cars. China is rapidly transitioning to electric cars unreliant on oil from nations led by Dictators and Theftocracies. President Biden has stepped back into the over-mature, senile fossil fuel vehicle league to help his re-election chances in 2024. Instead of leading the way to newer, faster, cheaper forms of transport that don’t harm the atmosphere or ecosphere on land and sea the President has opted for quick, dirty and dangerous fiscal intercourse with dictators.

Republicans are supposed to be the party of innovators, tech leadership and economic good sense. Implementing those characteristics have been lacking from Republican discourse the past decade or more in regard to energy. Democrats have exploited the failure of Republicans to lead from the front on energy upgrades. President Biden fundamentally has a fake green energy policy that returns to Dictatorial and authoritarian oil doghouses as soon as it can to prop up the nation’s economy. Republicans lucked out with the discovery of fracking to revitalize the nation’s oil fields yet even that isn’t enough for either party that sucks up oil from any source at all. Yet if that is so one might ask, why not Russia?

The economic war on Russia to support the Democratic Party’s proxy war on Russia via Ukraine is quite costly the nation and the world economy. When Mr. Biden is gone and a Republican President takes charge it is likely that the Ukraine investment policy of Democrats will slow or end and the world economy can have a chance to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. The world ecosphere though will be irreparably harmed by then and the breakdown of national energy leadership will perhaps continue to lean on dirty oil and dictators as the ecosphere degrades.






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