If One Inherited Wealth ( a poem)

If one inherited wealth
on the first day of Christmas I’d give away in spree
moneys to deserving charities
on the second day of Christmas I build homeless shelters free
and lay ultra high speed rails across the wide country
on the third day of Christmas the spirit gave to me
an assurance of eternal life for those saved with Christ’s majesty
on the fourth day of Christmas if I had money left
it would go to the poor, suffering and uninstall governed theft
on the fifth day of Christmas with real inherited wealth
from the Lord and those that didn’t build it
I would ante and stilt it on with flowers and cards
If I inherited wealth and owned networks
I would punt them all so well they could find real jobs
On the seventh day of Christmas if my heart skipped a beat
I’d outbid wars and donate them to the D.N.C.
on the eight day of Christmas with instantly earned encrypted wealth
it would be good to feel good and refill advanced ecosystem’s health
on the ninth day of Christmas if water turned to stone
I might apply for electric auto loans
on the tenth day of Christmas a network sent to me
parting shots like refuse from penultimate hellish streets
on the eleventh day of Christmas heaven seemed closer now
like warm horizons to gulag camper p.o.w.s
it was on the twelfth day of Christmas that true hope was born
eternity arrived one predestined morn.






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