Postmodernism, War and Groceries

Post-modernism is an interesting phenomenon wherein for a number of reasons people tend to disbelieve in the existence of objectivity including an objective reality of the Universe itself. One may know of the Higgs field rendering two dimension massless particles into three dimensions temporally because the field slows the particles down in effect creating a virtual third dimension, yet the common sensory experience of those fields that appears to be reality at least attests to the objective existence of fields or of some consistent structured force outside of conscious thought.

I read a philosophical article recently that basically sought to explain the underlying reason for wars as emotional. It is interesting yet not to rare to find that some account for the existence of wars on the basis of a single cause. I believe it is in no way that simple. Modern wars tend to occur because political leaders make bad decisions, sometimes way before the start of armed conflict as has occurred in the present Ukraine-Russia war that has causality reaching to the winning western leaders levering too much land away from Russia in settling the post-Soviet Union transition space. Western leaders that were mostly Democrats felt the opportunity to steal land from Russia (the Crimea especially as well as areas east of the Dnepr was ripe and built up anti-Russian forces and narratives to the point where the victors write contemporary history for-themselves as good guys and Russians as villains. As I said, modern wars occur because people aren’t always wise or honest in politics and make bad choices for-others and for-themselves.

Post-modernists have taken over schools to a certain extent in the United States and felt that a new homosexual and female sex revolution was appropriate because of Democrat constituent empowerment in federal politics. They choose to have everything their own way including in social media. That was appropriate for those that believe objective reality faded away to simple subjectivity. I believe it is notable thought that post-modernists, despite Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, tend to regard grocery shopping as objectively real and are fairly conservative on that. Where the vegetables and beef hit the car and pot liberals and leftists are as conservative as anyone, especially vegans that believe animals are real for the purpose of eating and eschewing chowing down on steak etc.

Wars tend to be nasty objective facts too and losing limbs and gross physical destruction is real enough to those inconvenienced when reality intrudes with [pain into subjective experience. If war isn’t objectively real though then no one should be concerned if the Bidens profit a little much with Ukrainian relationships.






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