Write Songs for Every National Holiday?

This Christmas with Christmas songs playing at many locations near you, endless loops of mistletoe, snowfall, etc encourage one to be in the holiday spirit. Some of the songs are quite good even if perennial. Since I wrote a song once, or rather the lyrics for a song that never became popular I have thought about writing other songs. Song writers ought to write music for every national holiday.

My song ‘Beneath the Stars’ was a commemorative D-Day song published in 1992(driving through the wall, into the shadow of nights that brawl). Some general said that war fighting is like a brawl. My thought was that the removal of the Berlin Wall nearly fifty years after D-Day was worth noting. I also threw in references to the end of the Cold War 1.0 writing that ‘peace must be a profit of electromagnetic space station put up in the catapult’s haste. I believed that it was important to move ahead with electro-magnetic mass drivers instead of chemical rockets to create a mass heavy lift capability to rapidly establish a human presence in the solar system beyond Earth. I thought that hollow spheres might be made through numerous means by the thousands or millions, comparable to the silecacious chalk of dover made of tiny shells deposted on an ancient sea floor.

Ideas of science fiction and history applied to the real world are sleeping beneath the stars; in the minds of so many on the planet; comparable to Kant’s dogmatic slumber humanity needs to wake up. Even the woke movement seems somnolent to me and humanity is still asleep (*except for the spiritually reborn in the Lord) to the potential for space development around the solar system. Maybe it is lucid dreaming in color, making virtual reality and flunking the real world Using newer mega-technology that is simple conceptually yet scalable should occur to compliment a certain amount of free enterprise capitalism that is of limited scope.

Since my first song didn’t work, and from my point of view the rival ‘Watching the World Wake Up from History’ which commemorated Karl Mark’s hit book in order to hail 30 years of plutocratic capitalism with bad ecospheric practices, it is time to suggest better ideas. Of course one could write great songs to play on Thanksgiving commemorating turkets, pilgrims, Penobscot Indias or whomever they were at Pilgrims Rock to enjoy the party set by Pocohontus the party planner, yet I am not sure that I can write a great song about a turkey or even lyrics to one; maybe writing songs to play on M.L.K. day would be simpler.

Here is the song I wrote lyrics for…






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