Biden Signs Queer Fake-Marriage Respect Bill

Democrats have forced states to recognize queer ersatz marriages from other states. In a divided congress heavily polarized legal technicalities exploited like kedging a sailing ship of yore have been worked by attentive Democrats to force their will upon the unwilling. Maybe it’s inevitable that a decadent and corrupt leadership mileau in an anthropic age with possible global warming death of the human race ahead would become wicked. It is possible and perhaps necessary that compelling legal fictions is OK when a balanced budget or a just society without wealth being concentrated are as dead as the dodo.

The Respect for Queers Expropriating Marriage Act is a wierd thing that forces red states to submit to laws passed in blue states (queer ‘marriage’). If Massachusetts has queer marriage then Idaho must respect queer marriages. Or if California makes car theft legal then cars stolen in California must be recognized in Oklahoma as belonging legally to the car thief in possession of that car with California plates in Omaha. Or ifs dope smoking is lawful in blue states, red states must let visitors from blue states smoke their dope except maybe in restaurtants indoors.

Revivals of nations have occurred yet the sophistry and skill of the corrupt, ungodly and reprobate disrespecting God are as profound and solid as the superfluous, needlessly belligerent ‘respect for marriage act’ that is truly Orwellian doublethink. As might be expected the fake marriage force act hid behind interracial marriage protections; probably unnecessary as Americans have already accepted interracial marriage for some time. There isn’t a false element to interracial marriage. Queers simply cohabit and should have created their own, new institution instead of expropriating and redistributing the old.

The Democrat Party has evolved to being domestic fascists spiritually (if they had spirit) using legal advantages to try to compel one-party rule including social media censorship, racketeering and operative organized crime. They are intolerant of anything besides their social zeitgeist narrowly interpreted and really don’t support individual intellectual or political independence. They should have passed a respect for American citizenship and borders act instead of a respect for legal fictions act that is the lie of homosexuals marrying as if they were heterosexuals marrying to produce offspring. The respect for lies act is appropriate for post-modernists that regard people as meat or amoeba; truth is subjective to democrats without any objective reality.






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