Tesla Should Morph to Macho EV’s

Democrats don’t like Tesla so much anymore being disaffected by Elon Musk’s neo-libertarianism rather than Orwellian neo-Democratist censorian one-party rule. Republicans seem to be inheriting the kingdom of Tesla purchases and with so much global competition for EVs now Tesla may need to redesign its product appearance.

I was riding a bike a couple of years ago when two guys stopped in the middle of the street driving Tesla’s apparently, in order to talk about that. To me they looked liked Satarns- yet I am not so knowledgable about car fashions. If Democrats won’t buy because of Musk and Twitter then Tesla should ditch the wussy look and go for macho with rugged models that would appeal more to male voters not working for the Cambridge dictionary or social media.

Dodge went that route with trucks long ago moving to Rams etc. Apparently people want p.o.v.s to seem like they are suitable for combat in some form, even if they are EVs, not four wheel drive vehicles and will be used to take someone to work making donuts. A convertable EV would be a great item too for a niche market, yet it should also look like it can drive up a steem dirt track.







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