Wavefunction and Everett’s Multiverse in Regard to Reality

Interesting points of view. I suppose the Universe or mass and energy are composite; pluralist builds of all things, yet sentience of course does work- it’s more than a different state off matter. One shouldn’t be rashly reductionist about mind arising from matter. The wavefunction, Shrodinger equation, Hilbert Space quantum paradigm etc; does it all require different ways of viewing things if one substitutes Hugh Everett’s paradigm of what Tegmark named a level 4 Multiverse instead of the Copenhagen Interpretation/Schrodinger wavefunction collapse? Or does the Higgs field effects slowing down two dimensional particles so they pick up a third dimension and allow the appearance of three dimensional mass to exist mean that items like quantum entanglement are secondary, contingent phenomena too?

I would think that reality is everything that exists including appearances of it sentient beings are aware of and everything they aren’t aware of too. Even so these days I tend to regard the two dimension, massless particle-wave realm ‘outside’ or beyond the Higgs field as more fundamental than the three-dimension world of experience.

Tegmark speculated the Multiverse is made of math; that a logical structure exists in it that corresponds to reality and is based on oure math. The idea of a mathematical universe brings one to think that there is a logical structure to the universe including the quantum world that seems necessary for temporality, motion, being and nothingness, change, evolution and so forth yet of course it could all be in the thought of God. An infinite Multiverse pre-existing from eternity in an Everett-Tegmark Level 4 Multiverse construction perhaps. It’s interesting to consider. String theory’s Mutliverse paradigm with mathematical, logical structure would be interesting for mathematicians to consider and for others like myself to read about.






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