No Way USGOV Should Give Military Tissue Samples to Google or Anyone Else

Military service members serve their country at personal risk. There is no way the US Government should give away or sell human body parts, tissue samples or material removed from human bodies with genetic material without express written consent from the military member or survivors. Google may be developing Artificial Intelligence and would like to use the genetic data for sundry purposes. One can easilly imagine dystopian application including designing super soldiers etc with so much data. It is alos possible to track military members through their genetic data since their are so many other non-military sources of genetic data. The ability for nefarious powers to identify service members could create a cas ade of harm to veterans.

Post-modernists may regard the military and service members or veterans as bad amoeba to study and sanction. The U.S. Government should not be their accomplice; Google may want to censor human genetic material like it does blog posts, or at least bury search engine listings.






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