N.A.T.O. Helped Censor U.S. Internet During Election Cycle

Apparently N.A.T.O.’s think tank named The Atlantic Council was given work by the U.S. Government to censor domestic American politics and other items considered by Democrats as misinformation or fake news along with Stanford, Washington University and another establishment. Ultimately Democratic criteria for fake news included anything poltically sensitive and antipathetic. It was illegal for the U.S. Government to censor Americans posting on the Internent yet N.A.T.O. could easily get away with that. Homeland Security personnel supported it when N.A.T.O. helped kneecap U.S. democracy.

The Election Integrity Partnership apparently was an Orwellian mislabeling in-itself.



Internet censorship, shadow banning and deletion of accounts by rich Internet concerns list on the Dow Jones exchange subvert American democracy and create a great opportunity cost of unknown extent altering the life histories and potential economic development of countless millions of citizens.

Corruption of free speech and the marketplace of ideas has run rampant the past sevn years or more- I would guess that the N.S.A. and others have pertnerewd with left leaning and plutocratic social media to censor Americans whom are regarded as rivals to the agenda preferred by the rich and the Democrat Party. At this moment Fox News’ Steve Hilton is presenting an interesting review of some of the topics including that of N.A.T.O. in taking down U.S. civil liberties concerning free speech.



The history of corruption is more serious than it seems. One may be concerned that one third of European have been contaminated with a brain infecting parasite from cat feces and blame that for bad European decisions oin preferring war with Russia rather than peaceful relations and respect for historic Russian ownership of Ukraine, yet that would be a wrong explanation.


While cat crap fever is dangerous, bad N.A.T.O. and Democratic war party decisions are made for reasons of greed and power. Censoring the Internet kneecaps real American democracy and makes it a fop tool for show purposes.






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