Negotiations to Contain Nuclear War Worthwhile?

I wonder if it would be worthwhile for the Biden administration and Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold talks to limit the range of any potential nuclear war. Atomic scientists have continued advancing the clock toward midnight since the Obama administration and now it is just 100 seconds to midnight.

Nuclear war might not be all bad- just mostly bad. Casualties might be horrendous if it is a general MAD exchange, yet if tactical nuckes are used first in Ukraine, and if the United States doesn’t choose to immediately respond and upgrade the war to full scale MAD (as if Democrat policies hadn’t already achieved crazy in partnership with N.A.T.O. that colluded with Democrats to surveil Americans and censor the internet) it is possible that casualties might be comparatively low.

It could be useful though to consider the range of a MAD war, or a general nuclear war and try to agree to limit the damage; each side could choose cities before the nukes fly that wouldn’t be hit and would in effect be nuclear free zones. The game theories of nuclear war are many and complex. They would continue to be, however a battleship game inversion would tell the players what cities would not be hit by nuclear weapons at the negotiations and would approximate equality in population and value.

Per example Russian seaports are fewer with less population than U.S. ports. Russia might not want Petersburg or Archangelsk hit while the U.S. would want New York and Seattle spared and sacrifice Boston and San Francisco.

Russia might want Moscow spared in exchange for Chicago being spared- choosing to sacrifice D.C. because it has fewer people.

There could be some sort of environmental analysis that would limit nuclear winter yet liberate the use of nuclear war when needed to work out political disagreements. Some cities could be spared for humanitarian reason, economic reasons post-war etc, while others would be free nuclear-fire targets. There is no reason to not make nuclear war preperations to limit or moderate hypothetical conflict when the default tends toward being worst-case saturation with nuclear weapons; MAD policy.






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