The 118th Congress Should Investigate Ukraine Investments of Democrats

The next congress- a Republican led one, should inveestigate House, Senate, Judiciary and Executive branch personnel to find out who owns land or has onvested otherwise in Ukraine. The Biden administration was obviously conflicted with Hunter Biden’s deep interaction with Uklrainians yet that may be just the tip of an iceberg. One wonders if crooked congresspersons would rather risk nuclear war than share Ukraine with Russia or make an honest settlement that would have the collateral benefit of ending immediate prospects for a world nuclear war involving RUssia and N.A.T.O.

Ukraine may be blackmailing some U.S. politicians. Ukraine had a reputation for being somewhat fast and loose before the war and U.S. politicians may have put themselves in compromising situations. Democrats won’t spend anything to secure the southern U.S. border and yet spend billions and billions on war instead of ending one through rational, peaceful negotiations that would provide land east of the Dnepr for Russia. Without a mutually satisfactory end of the war hostilities will continue for some time and harm the U.S. economy that is apparently a bit vulnerable to a cascade of disaster.

Mr. Zelinsky is a hawk and wants more and more weapons and cash. Republicans should find out who is obligated to in order to keep their investments secure. Such people would rather risk end of the world scenarios than end a war if it cost them anything personnally.






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