Let Slip the Dogs of Peace

On this day of celebration of the Lord’s birth more than two millennia ago the United States leadership should resolve to unleash the dogs of peace and end the Ukraine war. Peace is a virtue for-itself generating manifold benefits and celebrating life. Life is a river of opportunity that grows attacked by its nemesis the necrotic monster of death. Human political leadership ought choose the living waters of life rather than the poisoned blood of death.

Peace was the hope that brought about the end of the Cold War beginning during the final months of the Reagan administration; culminating in Soviet withdrawal of military forces from Eastern Europe beginning December 1988





The United States once was the leader of the free world. Today it is something more like a sycophant of a military-industrial complex of international scope. Instead of seizing the opportunity for peace through negotiated settlement with Russia that would correct the iniquity of redistributing all of the Ukraine to the west, including the Crimean Peninsula, the Biden administration has consistently promoted war and all of the unfortunate, evil tidings that have followed. It is not too late to have a change of heart and let slip the dogs of peace.

Continuing the war into the new year brings more evil prospects for Americans. While the Biden administration has left undefended the southern border with an anticipated invasion of hundreds of thousands or even millions of illegally arriving aliens ahead it is financing the Ukraine conflict with more than a 100 billion dollars worth of weapons, cash, advisers and other goods at a minimum. The best it can hope to achieve is to end up where it began before the conflict with the former boundaries set by the Clinton administration that precipitated the present conflict. Eastern Ukraine under Russian control would have little practical effect on the people that live there economically or socially if a complete peace with demilitarization and free trade was established. Without a peace that recognizes historical Russian claims; without sharing the Ukraine, the foundation for lasting enmity will be poured like molten lava behind a dam of hate.

Europeans have historically warred upon themselves interminably for millennia. The second world war followed the war to end all wars; the development of nuclear weapons and a great communist adversary to the east drafted a vacuum of peaceful unification across Europe in the shadow of the Iron Curtain. Theoretically the United States was the sane nation set apart from the interminable European hillbilly tradition of royal conflicts with war was the ultimate logic of kings. That sanity has been lost with the Biden administration and the Democrat Party of the United States that pursues war aggressively asserting its woke doctrine of post-modernism. It may be incapable of acting as a neutral Solomon like power able to arbitrate disputes or restore civil human relations among Europeans and neo-Euro-Asiantic peoples. The Biden administration has forgotten that besides the dogs of war, in its kennels it has the dogs of peace.






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