Seattle’s Own King County Bans Religious Free Speech on Zoom Calls of Employees

  Seattle is a shining city on seven hills; one with broad sidewalks hosting the pathos that gumshoes like to ponder wearing a trenchcoat in the rain. Inside the higher eschalons of government insiders a woke philosophy to ban Christian and Jewish religious symbols has taken hold like mold on soggy bread. A King County Washington State (where Seattle is located) Human Resourcves Manager issued an order that no religious symbols can be seen in employee homes when making zoom calls. Gloria Ngezaho has generated an interesting point of contention about the rights homeowners and renters have when wotrking from home; can an employer reasonably proscribe protected constitutional rights of employees because of the extorting threat of suspension or termination of employment? Some people don’t take free speech and the constituion to heart or prioritize it over the values of dictators and the communist party.

It isn’t quite as simple of an issue as it seems. Plainly courts wouldn’t side against some businesses requiring that workers in their homes wear clothing on zoom conference calls; yet can they ban sex, or nose picking, eating snack foods or watching movies when discussing county business? If a county bans the burka at the job can it extend that control to the home? If a business bans cross-dressing transvestite presentations at work does King County ban that at home too? The woke crowd sides with haters of religious symbols and wants crosses, menorahs and nativity scenes to fade away to Strawberry Fields forever.

I am not sure of Manager Gloria Ngezaho’s gender. I am not being facitious or disingenuous. The name is female yet he or she looks mostly male although wearing clothing colored, uh, school lunch sandwhich magenta (see photo with the Daily Mail. To some he or she would be an offensive symbol in-itself. It is a symbol of anti-Christian valuess comprising godless atheism. Christians are fundamentally tolerant of other people and beklieve themselves accountable for their own sin rather than that of others. Interesting questions though; to what extent can business or government decree what employees can do in their homes; can they prevent freedom of expression of the first amendment, or should they even want to?

That is one of the conundrums of the woke movement; a proclivity for banning free speech wherever it is antipathetic to their own values. It was pervasive across social media undermining the earning of countless writers yet should not be gleefully taken up by governments that are supposed to defend constitional rights like freedom of expression and religious freedom, rather than act to suppress them.






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