Malice in Wonderland

Twitter dumped more information concerning government-Twitter collusion to repress free speech to benefit the Biteme administration’s core post-modernist agenda. Evidently the F.B.I. and C.I.A. colluded with pre-Musk era Twitter execs to degrade, repress, spindle, fold and mutilate politically antipathetic twits.

The Twitter reveal is a disillusiuoning event. Although one may have known since the Obama administration that post-modernist, leftist, corporatocratic social media sycophants were rigging social media search engine listings or outright banning conservative and independent poltical opinion in order to keep the U.S. electorate in a state resembling mushrooms kept in the dark and fed a load of manure, to have confirmation that all is not perfectly fair and balanced in the American wonderland where everyone is living the dream drops a load of crap on the streets and all the aroma that follows.






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