Would it be useful to have shoes that untie themselves?

Would it be useful to have shoes that untie themselves. With the profusion of chips that understand human language it would be simple to make voice activated shoe unfastening devices powered with a rechargeable battery built into the sole of the shoe. Fasteners would receive an on off command- perhaps programmable to release a lock.

Simple fasteners would be best- perhaps (i.e.) a velcro strap etc. with a metal servo-latch.

I thought of the idea not becausse I enter many homes in Japan, rather because ice grippers that attach on the bottom of shoes for maneuvering city streets in Alaska when glare ice with surface water is routine in winter, require taking off the shoes to put on a different pair goping indoors where scuffing up floors is frowned upon. They don’t make many sawdust floors in Alaska anymore that aren’t harmed by cleats.

Maybe some retrofit device could be made as well as properly equiped new shoes. Maybe the shoes could have wireless rechargers like Apple phones so one could just leave them on a floor recharger stand over night.






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