Ukraine and the West Haven’t the Slightest Intention of Negotiating Peace with Russia

Ukraine’s Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said that Ukraine will ‘demilitarize the Russian Federation to the end’. The Ukrainian foreign minister said that a summit should be held excluding Russia to discuss peace. He also said that a War Crimes tribunal must be held before Ukraine talks with Russia about peace. With unlimited conventional weapons supremacy and with Washington being the free weapons supplier to Ukraine to war on Russia the prospects for peace, besides unilateral surrender of Russia to the will of Joe Biden and President Zelinsky have died.

The west has concluded that what is in fact the worst way is the best way for the New Europe to enter the New World Order. They are like hillbilly bull riders that super-glue themselves onto the saddle and won’t be getting off until the exhausted animal collapses and perishes in the belief they will have a year of good eats for nothin. Maybe they are right, maybe not.






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