Another Year, Another Revolution

New Year’s day is the start of another week kicking off the revolution. Evidently the Earth circles around the sun counting as a year. January 6, 2021 was appropriately timed to start a revolution that was stillborn; deemed an aborted insurrection by Democrats.

I am not sure how the revolution was stopped in its tracks- the docu-movie Nancy Rambo- First Blood will show how close quarters combat in the capital saved post-modernism from hillbilly thugs trying to lynch mob moral and budgetary subjectivism. The Resident Evil Republican Party movie has several nominations for Best Picture and the lead actor Hyronymous Trump was awarded the Best Villain award by the January 6 Committee even before the show in February starts.

Each year following the conclusion of revolution week and insurrection month there is a Heroes Film festival presenting awards to all the heroes in movies that save the nation annually from space aliens, illegal undocumented aliens from space and Mexico or Central America, nuclear attacks on San Francisco from Russia, Volcanoes that will flood the Earth with molten lava, sea level rises above Mt. Everest and so forth. It is certain that Nancy Rambo will figure high in the voting for Best Hero Actor of 2023 for movies made in 2022.






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