What to Write About in A New Science Fiction Novel

I am not of course a great writer. My science fiction novels are an outlet for expressing new-to-me philosophical ideas that have germinated after a few years of reading cosmology, reflecting on philosophy and theological matters. Ideas of ancient philosophers may usefully be insinuated into new synthetic constructions with modern cosmology. Insights from the Biblical book of Genesis may be contrasted with ideas from Darwinian evolution and contemporary literary criticism. Hermeneutics- interpreting the Bible, may be considered in light of Wittgenstein’s principle of the indeterminacy of translation and God’s eternal nature; how and what should be communicate to temporal, contingents beings anyway?

An idea for a new novel could be biologically based since we are generally in the post-COVID 19 mass epidemic era. COVID and other viruses and bacteria that affect or clog human lungs show the wild growth possibility of living organisms inside a human body. Would it be possible to exploit wild viral and bacterial growth subjected to redesign in artificial intelligence to infuse human physiology with new and healthy, regenerative growth of human cells pervasively including that of the brain?

If enough was known about the construction of human physiology inclusive of D.N,A. and R.N.A. wouldn’t it become possible to reconstruct aging bodies continuously and directly with programmed viruses and bacteria? Artificial intelligence would know the molecular structure of human cells, viruses, bacteria and program the strucutures to infuse resynthesized material scaffolded to rebuild cells or duplicate new ones.

Plainly I haven’t enough education in molecular biology to write that kind of a novel yet it is an interesting criterion to develop or at least mention in a work on my ordinary interests of Multiverse construction, philosophy, theology, scientific cosmology and Biblical parameters examined with Wittgenstein’s ideas about the uncertainty of translation. I may find some sort of opening premise to write a minimalist novel this year or next.






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