NFL Players Crying; Times Have Changed

Times have changed in the U.S.A. When Damar Hamlin was hit in the chest with a shoulder from an offensive players running at full speed it seemed fairly obvious that his heart might have stopped, that he might have had the air knocked from his lungs, and that his head might have been hit by the offensive players helmet and then the ground in quick succession. It was the sort of injury that occurs when a safety whom is a lighter player tackles a stronger back nearly standing up. Newton’s law of transferring force of impact from the larger, faster object to the lighter, slower one approaching at an angle was exemplified. I tried tackling the class fullback head-on, directly standing up as a freshman in high school and got my breath knocked out. A db or safety should have a lower attack vector.

The NFL cancelled the game and players were in tears and prayed en masse (they should do that anyway and not rarely) as the Buffalo safety was treated on the field with CPR to keep the heart going and brain functioning with oxygen input. THis morning Mr. Hamlin is in critical condition. Probably he will make a full recovery and return to the game eventually next season. What will be remembered is the crying of the tough guys; in the U.S.A. men didn’t used to be trained to cry. The change is somewhat notable.

It is possible that in the era of national feminization and homosexuality and ubiquitous television that some of the players were acting because there is a female audience for the games these days that is increasing in numbers. It is good for strong men to appear to be sensitive while off camera they would cut the throat of someone that insulted them if legally permissable.

Still, historically speaking the evolution to crybaby males in comparison to the men of the 1930s, 40s and 50s seems to be a change in national character worth noting. There are probably many reasons why the change has occurred including a vast number of causes including females in the workforce and social ideas of equality as well as ubiquitous surveillance and vast national debt that might deserve having grown men crime and tear their clothes while throwing ashes into the air.

Rather than evolve into a society of morlocks below ground and eloi above living in a naive utopia where tough American males weep at an injured player on the field while the government funds foreign wars where hundreds of thousands of people perish or are injured for life, the crying society should work for peace and stop funding foreign wars as a preferred alternative, since many people and the poor of the world haven’t got great medical evac and Class I Trauma Centers available with Obamacare.

Experiencing cardiac arrest is bad. I don’t think that crying is a good reaction to it. One must act or perhaps contemplate fate if action isn’t possible. Praying is good. Roy Benevidez faced with adversity choose to act. He was a tough guy; an inspirational figure with virtue. A better example that NFL players.






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