Repubs Should Elect US Rep Laurel Lee as Speaker

The Republican Party should elect Rep. Laurel Lee as Speaker of the House as the leading edge of change. The party after Ronald Reagan just seems to lack the capicty to put forward charismatic, capable leaders. Rep McCarthy is allright I suppose, yet no one expects much to change or get done if he does win the job. January of 2025 will eventually roll around and the party should coordinate a bit with a little optimism and forward thinking its personnel for the equivelent of a superbowl team.

The Seattle Seahawks appear to be building for the future rather well. Denver has gone out and been competitive for the important task of winning first place in the NFL draft April 27 by losing most of its games in 2022. Denver gave its first and second round draft picks to Seattle for 2023. Reopublicans like the Seahawks barely have a winning record in the House. Seattle too may be good enough to make the playoffs if they win and Green Bay loses to the Detroit lions Sunday, unlike Seattle the Republican Party dooes not appear to be planning ahead for 2024 when a DeSantos victory would put the party into the position of taking control of the Senate, House and Presidency. Speaker McCarthy doesn’t have the chaerisma required to lead female voters to vote Republican in 2024. Of course Republicans couold offer the Speakership to Rep Hakeem Jeffries if he would change parties today. That may be the only way there will be a new Speaker tomorrow.






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