A Thought of Infinite Being- Chapter Two

The creative destruction of capitalism was helpful to Chin Chi Wang’s propaganda campaign to unify the post warring states period of civil conflict on Mars. With Earth destroyed by environmental decline and an inability to support human life, with computer logic viruses and biological pathogens reducing social and physical infrastructures to compote slag, Chin Wang found it easy to persuade post conflict survivors that an environmental dictatorship over Martian economic policy was necessary to make natural resources sustainable and avoid starvation of the sole surviving large-scale planetary population of humans in the solar system.

Though the end of the first global Earth civilization was accelerated by Chinese and Western developers in hot pursuit of remaining global capital assets, Wang could point to his ancestral sustainable ecological economic colony that had worked to terra-form Venus for a century before the final battle on Earth, as a qualification for leadership. He also grasped all of the military power of Mars.

Wang enslaved surviving Martians as minimum wage workers under his dictator-for-life power over the People’s Republic of Mars. From each according to his ability and to each according to his need was his rational leveling policy that ended inconvenient free speech and petty capital concentrations outside of the First and Only True Bank of Mars.

Even though life on the red planet was very harsh for a century, the planetary ecosphere increased in area above and below ground. In following centuries Mars liberalized its politics and permitted free speech for individuals to build up their own capital, inclusive of intellectual capital. With the exemplary Von Trumpian egalitarian patent system re-established to allow anyone with a good idea to enter it into the public patent process at no cost to themselves, Mars prospered and Earth civilization was reclaimed along with environmental health.

Yet there was dissent; dissenters and traditionalists in favor of a more conservative dictatorship over leadership of the People’s Republic of Mars created the N.T.S.A.; the natural torture and subversion authority, to watch over the masses of Mars for signs of discontent, nihilism, anti-vaccination movements and disturbances to the peace of Mars. It was into this People’s Republic that Victor Scriabin was born as a twenty-second generation Martian.

A black hole is a four-dimensional phenomenon in four-dimensional space-time. Three dimensions of a black hole are of mass, and one is of mass arriving in time. Mass appears in existence when energy in a more natural, massless state of two dimensions becomes slowed in the Higgs field acquiring an apparent third dimension along its direction of motion.

The three dimensions of a particle-wave of mass cannot return from the solid state physical condition it is locked in to, to the massless condition of two dimensions easily. That is why black holes continue to exist and to become massive in size; the mass that is drawn in by gravity cannot breakdown into energy and mass slip away from the tenacious, crushing grasp of the black hole.

Because there is a minimum size that mass can be reduced to even under the most extreme gravitational force, as more mass is compacted beyond the event horizon, the size of the event horizon must increase. Victor Scriabin considered these ideas and the methods invented for extracting the content, mass and information of black holes technologically as he sat on a concrete floor in a sub-basement of the Serenity Corporation in the Martian capital city of Wang.

The Serenity Corporation was a recent arrival on the red planet and widely regarded as a benefactor of the People’s republic; creating new jobs and providing more civil rights lobbying to benefit numerous D.N.A. protected citizen special interests. Serenity’s C.E.O. Maud Dlib made convincing public arguments explaining why equal protection of the law meant equal D.N.A. and behavior special rights, special reservations and separation from non-ancestral D.N.A. clan rivals.

With the help of the N.T.S.A., the Serenity Corporation and special Dictator of the Republic of Mars Monique Wang-Clatterspree forged a political process to break up general Martian civil affairs into numerous D.N.A. segregated special interest districts. With removal of obstructions and repression by rival D.N.A. biomasses, each special interest D.N.A. citizen group believed it would rise to dominion.

Some did find vast new opportunities to dope and debauch themselves. Generally though, the flow of new inventions into the Library of Patents began to dry up. Victor Scriabin in his cellular isolation wondered if the reduced volume of the stream of new patentable ideas to a trickle was a consequence of the lack of challenges in the D.N.A. enclaves, or if Serenity was diverting the stream unto itself like a super-massive black hole gorging an insatiable appetite for quality information and power.

Victor was thinking about new ways to detach three-dimensional mass Higgs field entanglements and to recover the information lost to Shannon entropy with one-dimension points of virtual energy leakage in no-space when he was rudely interrupted as Corporal Hedda Dabbler stepped through the cell door and unleashed a whipping upper cut onto the manacled man’s jaw.

The ham-fisted guard strode to Victor’s expandable/collapsible privy bucket, picked it up and dumped the dirty content onto his head, spilling the bulk of three days of urine and excrement upon him. She said as he lay on the floor; “Get up vermin; you are being released by order of Maud Dlib.”

He replied; “Weren’t you Harvey Dabbler the heavyweight fighter in another life?”

She answered him with a kick in the gut.

Victor, down on the floor felt the pain in his gut, yet the brightening prospecting of exiting three days of brutal interrogation in the dungeon of one wicked Serenity corporation transcended the puking of the moment. Sufficient unto the day was the puking thereof. He got up on his feet. The manacles and shackles fell away with a silent thought-command from Corporal Dabbler.

She nodded to two masked guards; inferiors, who took Victor by the arms and frog-marched him from the cell, down a hallway and through a right turn to an elevator.

Serenity wanted his knowledge of the security of intellectual capital at the Martian Library of Patents since he was a consultant for the Martian Library of Patent’s security affairs. Victor had divulged a considerable amount of information, though nothing of his own plans to copy and exfiltrate everything existing or in the process of being patented, to the edge of the galaxy because of his increased distrust of the Martian government after the emergence of the Serenity Corporation.

Exiting the elevator at street level, he was taken to a side door on an alley and thrown sprawling onto yellow brick pavement. When he got up he thought about the way Toynbean historical cycles were synthetically upgraded to explain how a single nation could become self-destructive through a number of social group balances predictably evolving national self-destruction even without the catalytic presence of an alien force.

Splintering of internal proletariats into numerous groups dissenting from the founder’s unifying beliefs led to a nation or Republic being defeated in detail as nearly occurred militarily for union forces in the first battle of the Wilderness campaign during the American civil war. Internal and formerly external proletariats or aboriginal land dwellers were removed with compassionate conservatism from the trampling of a majority colonizing society and taken to areas set aside for them.

Relations between tribes and nations cycled upward with laws developed by the dominant tribe becoming laws put upon all tribes within a nation. Initially nations are commonly of one racial group, yet that may change over time as other tribes are brought in; stimulating formation of a nation with uniform laws for all citizens of a nation.

Victor was aware that special laws that benefited special groups were generally against democracy and worked better within an imperial social structure, especially if one has an aristocracy. Democratic parties may actively work to destroy democracy because of the imperfect way that equal protection of laws is enforced. Special rights, race rights, and group identity may not only splinter society, they may reinforce a desire to legally separate special groups from others.

Dividing and conquering; defeating in detail, seemed to be working for Maud Dlib and the Serenity group increasingly well in the capitol city of Neener Jahvez. Victor thought he might have little time to accomplish the exfiltration of the patents to a safe, undisclosed location before the crackdown of martial law started. He was mistaken about the timing and scale of events.

Serenity and Maud Dlib feeling severe state repression of the citizenry in separate D.N.A. resident selected gated communities too slow to consolidate all inventive concepts to-themselves, were planning to eradicate all unprofitable human life and buildings with tedious architectural design. An adequately vicious attack to terminate Victor’s life was about to start, courtesy of the Martian Republican Guard.

Martian city streets of the time were covered over with computational glass at the second story. Anything taller, i.e. skyscrapers, extruded through to the sky. The covers kept a human breathable atmosphere below. It was through such computer safety glass screening out harmful ultraviolet light that a hail of exploding smart bullets directed at a Republican guard squad of assassins stacked up and tap dancing in readiness at the end of the alley, ready to light up Victor’s life with death, lit the day.

Victor collected himself and looked up the yellow brick alley to learn how things were sorting out. Seamus Adironak; a friend of Victor’s, descended a mag-rope to the mess of properly splattered and deceased Republican guards.

“Let’s go Victor”; he shouted; “Time’s wasting”. Victor ran up the alley and got into the open door of the Republican Guard’s attack vehicle that Seamus was planning to use to exfiltrate the area of operations.

“Good to see you Seamus. You were waiting for me.”

“Right Victor; I’ve been monitoring Serenity Corp since you disappeared, waiting for a sign.” He handed Victor a pair of brain echo chambers to snap into a combat helmet battery pack. Victor plugged in the brain echo unit and instantly felt the suffusion of expanded mind, intellect and sensation.

It took a little time to adjust to the brain pack’s mirroring of his neural architecture. It was comparable to his body suddenly doubling size and strength. Yet he knew that Seamus had completed copying the patentable ideas of the Martian Republic’s Library of Patents and was able to infer the rest of the story.

Serenity and Maud Dlib formed too close of a corporate-government relationship. Removing the intellectual capital to make it available just for the exclusive use of Serenity with Maud Dlib brought on board would increase its value. Martian society itself became a liability and was destined to near-term annihilation. Eradicating the planet’s non-Serene personnel would make it simpler to form propaganda explanations for others that appeared credible. Seamus and he would need to exfiltrate off-whirled before the apocalypse. A shame they couldn’t save the others, yet they wouldn’t believe him if he told them of the perfidy of Maud Dlib and Serenity. He would send the patent copies ahead to a repository on the way to the Otto Von Trump galaxy.

“Seamus, since the founding of the Martian Republic, deceit has been the highest of the Martian arts, and the least known outside of government and corporate ruling classes. Deceit was an element of military necessity in Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War.

Before wars, decisive or uncontested conflicts arise, deceit is prerequisite for political control of the masses and opposition leadership. It is useful to deceive the public through a variety of means; softening up subjects in order to work them into supporting their own destruction. The end of Mars may at be hand, a Marsmageddon surpassing civil wars of yore lies before us. Serenity and Maud Dlib have so well concealed their deceit that it is too late to prevent the catastrophe.”

Unlike ancient Earth cities that were paved with thousands of miles of black, heat absorbing asphalt to raise urban temperatures ten degrees higher than normal, doubling down on direct and indirect diurnal heating, the Martian streets of Wang had Dang Do technology that did not absorb solar sunshine to a significant extent coated as they were with a beige colored mix reflecting much of the light towards solar panels on buildings with magnetically oriented molecular structures made so during construction. That was necessary to keep the quantum computer glass ceilings over the streets reasonably cool for increased efficiency.

Seamus Adironak’s shaped charged sent reverberations through the quantum world. For a moment time collapsed concurrent with the wave function of vast numbers of super positioned quantum states. Thinking ahead, Seamus exploited the disruption to let an accomplice insert a cold data periscope into the Wang quantum super-computer that was hundreds of miles in extent reaching over the city streets of Neener Jahvez. The periscope would enable data duping for a while.

Seamus drove the Republican Guard assault vehicle hard, changing its external body camouflage to resemble a mole service vehicle. With no precipitation in the atmosphere it was safe enough to build a vast underground network of tunnels with artificially intelligent Martian mole mining machines drawing power from trailing super-conductor lines embedded in the floor, as moles burrowed downward and onward.

Seamus drove the vehicle into an open down ramp, hit a secondary corridor fast forwarding on an electro-magnetic guide path, withdrew the wheels and let magnetic repulsion to the same charge undercarriage lift it, while applying opposite charge to the leading edges of the combat machine accelerating it toward oppositely-charged magnets embedded in the walls ahead; turning on and off sequentially to pull and push its way forward at any speed, theoretically to that of light.

Victor asked; “It appears you have a valid exfiltration plan. We must be going to the upgraded underground construction storage room. I assume that’s where you placed the periscope tapping the Wang Super quantum computer?”

“Right you are Victor. We shall arrive in a half hour at four-hundred fifty miles an hour.”

The very thin Martian atmosphere is an excellent medium for the dispersion of atomic radiation. Victor and Seamus closed the distance to their Plan B storage room while a few dozen bottle-rockets loaded with neutron bombs lifted off from their ten foot long canisters embedded in the ground. They rose into the sky a mile before detonating simultaneously; killing most human life on the surface of Mars. An electromagnetic pulse strong enough to reach most of the planet was not quite strong enough to reach the Plan B facility nearby.

The neutron bombs were able to collapse much of the tunnel, sending rocks and soil crashing down. Though the vehicle had slowed to one-hundred miles an hour with Plan B just a quarter mile away, the crash was catastrophic. Because the assault vehicle was built tough it survived; Seamus didn’t. He broke his neck in the crash. He hadn’t buckled his seat belt during the escape and paid with his life.

With the vehicle resting on its side, Victor crawled from a door, lowered himself to the ground and walked through the dirt and dimness of emergency lighting releasing blue photons stored when the tunnel had power. In a few minutes he reached the entry door to an unused construction storage room that now functioned as Plan B.

Plan B had enough comp capacity to keep a synopsis of significant events observed in the Wang Super quantum comp. Victor said to the A.I. “Play the synopsis.”

The two salient features Victor saw were an exit of Serenity corporation executives and Maud Dlib from Mars through a relocation unit, and the complete destruction of human life on the surface of Mars. More than fifty million souls perished in mass gas and microwave attacks, counting the majority of D.N.A. segregated, gated development communities and urbanites,

Below the surface he saw a vague mist emerge from tunnel maintenance turtles the comp identified as the lethal nerve agent Woodchuck; a thousand times more deadly than tenth generation nerve agents. Serenity was actualizing comprehensive extirpation of Martians.

Victor examined the synopsis of significant files further and found the information of Martian patents in the library disappeared with the executives and Maud Dlib. That explained some of the method; a derivative application of optimal foraging theory forged into Darwinian optimal theft theory.

Methods of forming complex adversity coefficients that impact actors challenged to input energy and/or power are predictable. Sailors plotting courses to a goal must calculate numerous variables of real sea, wind and craft conditions forward in their formulae; often dead reckoning on-the-fly. And so must thieves and neo-sentient biomass calculating optimal paths to fulfill goals. The Serenity Corporation and Maud Dlib were thieves, deceivers and mass murderers; tracking them down in order to stop their deadly methods of grazing on intellectual capital rose to the top of Victor’s bucket list.

Victor built a relocator into Plan B and used it several times before to build an intellectual capital storage vault on a dark planet without a star located a short distance from the optimal habitation zone of the Otto Von Trump galaxy. With saddened resolution, he entered the relocator and was instantly moved thousands of light years away.

The S.V. Shibboleth downloaded from virtual particles into the stratosphere of Drizzle just long enough to relocate Laura Thought to the planet’s surface. She looked upward toward the ship that vanished into nothingness; virtual particles need to repay their debt to the Higgs field.

The Shibboleth reversed its course on automatic flight control to become massless information as energy that slipped out of space into the reality of no-space briefly; reappearing at the original departure site in the home galaxy tied in to the Higgs field; first as two dimensions for a split second then as three dimensions and stasis in solid state of being. Nothing had changed except for the loss of forensic analyst Thought.

Laura took stock of her surroundings. She set several micro-drones aloft to reconnoiter immediate and distant regions of the gray, dark planet that orbited a main sequence star shrouded overhead beyond a thick cloud cover releasing a steady drizzle to the eponymous world.

A few of the drones pulled themselves through the molecular energy of the atmosphere kedging atomic charges of atmospheric molecules to accelerate and return results from thousands of miles away. A sign of advanced technology, electro-magnetic spectrum signatures appeared in the report.

At least one level-four intellectual capital storage facility existed on Drizzle, eleven hundred miles away. The drone survey determined the planet was populated by fourteen billion two hundred million sentient crocodile-dugong hybrids.

Laura adjusted her transparent business suit to camouflage herself into an appearance like one of the female Drocs. She changed the servo-motor nano-structures to mimic the sliding, slithering pace of saltwater lizard crocodiles modified by the flippant and bilious Dugong legacy of motivation.

She would continue to walk upright in a business strut until invisible drone sensors flying in the cloud above her discerned the proximal presence of Drocs before beginning to slither her way. Her goal was Skorgutsbot; the city where the intellectual capital storage vault was located.

She began the slow, methodical and careful journey while monitoring intell about Drizzle. She learned from drone frequency intercepts and cable data mining melds. Her drones did not observe no-space so she was caught quite off guard when Victor Scriabin plopped out of a relocator right in front of her, smiling.

“Who in the blueberries are you?” she asked.

“I am Victor Scriabin; sole surviving Martian from the murder of all others by the Serenity Corporation and Maud Dlib”.

Laura looked at the six foot five inch athletic figure before her for a moment and said; “My commiseration goes to you. I am Laura Thought, forensic analyst from the Dwindling Worlds office in pursuit of the Imperial Criminal Empire theft of our intellectual capital.”

“Then we may be in pursuit of the same criminals, I for vengeance and you for the arrest of thieves. The Martian Library of Patents- its intellectual capital- was plundered and exfiltrated from Mars just before the destruction of all sentient Martian life; that seems to have been intended to cover up the theft of intellectual capital by eliminating Martian witnesses.”

“Yes, I agree Victor; your Serenity Corp may be the hidden face behind one Heneral Cheryl Scaldeen who was observed directing the theft of intellectual capital herself from one of our Traveler’s worlds; Sendufax.”

“Victor interjected; “Thanks yet I don’t need a fax to confirm Serenity’s guilt.”

“What?” Laura said. “Oh, Sendufax is the name of the planet where the vault was looted. Scaldeen’s exfiltration from Sendufax left a trace to Drizzle; do you know the name Scaldeen Victor?”

“No I haven’t heard it before Laura. I observed Drizzle from drones sent from my black body station orbiting within quick relocator distance and learned of the shape of the local Drocs and the level four intellectual capital storage vault four at the Drocan city of Skorgutsbot.

I also observed your arrival, and believe we might work together to determine who is running the vault. We could learn if they are affiliated with the Serenity Corporation. My vengeance won’t be sated with terminating just one perpetrator. The roots of Serenity Corp; the command, control, and owners of Serenity also must cease to exist before I can rest and join my kin.”

“Sure Victor; that is a terrible burden to carry. So many dead souls; we can work together to trace the elusive criminals.”

“I appeared before you without camouflage so you might not make a wrong reflexive judgment and cap my ass. I will now match your Droc attire with my own camouflage covering.” Victor made an adjustment and his jumpsuit transformed into the replica of an alpha male Droc.

“Twenty-two generations of intellectual capital were stolen from Mars before its destruction, yet before the theft I placed a self-activating signaling code in the patent library data that is active in the intellectual capital storage vault on this world Drizzle at Skorgutsbot. We could infer that capital thefts data are being consolidated or cloned everyplace controlled or co-opted by the Serenity Corporation.”

“Victor, my drones revealed Drizzle to be a planet of vast lowlands and marshes with vast freshwater interior seas and a global saltwater ocean outside. Crocs and Dugongs historically interbred when Crocs, excited in their June month of lower member hardening, viewed orange Dugong females not simply as easy bilious cheese puffs to snack on. In their agitated lust they saw female Dugongs as objects for Marshmallow deluxe coupling, and with enough couplings some odd sort of mating fusion produced offspring that were fertile.

The fertile hybrids readily bred with Crocs and Dugongs of both genders history synoptics show. A planet full of hybrids driven in June by lust has been a stimulus to overpopulating Drizzle regarding resources.

Global cooling has become an existential concern threatening the survival of Drocs. The planet is losing its heat absorbing, high albedo asphalt because Droc developers destroy global heating surfaces on land that synergistically work to warm interior seas. Developers destroy global heating asphalt so they can build high profit rental marshes and day care swamps for Droc progeny to frolic in. They are killing the Droc’s future, dooming future generations to a cold climate.”

We should walk to one of the Droc highways and catch a drone-taxi to Skorgutsbot.” Victor said.

They walked toward the flyway a few miles distant; “Continuing data streaming informs me of the nature of the Droc political environmental challenges of the day that I may say could be promoted by Serenity, if they are here and actively manipulating the society toward voluntary subjugation.”

“And what is that Victor?” Laura asked.

“Jejune is noted the month of Droc male lower extremity hardening and Kweer pride month. Apparently a minority of Droc adults are homosexuals and have expropriated marriage and redistributed it unto themselves in order to develop homosexual hegemony over all of Droc society. There has been an increase of Droc male on male crimes; hate crimes as it is, in dissent from love crimes as they were.”

“Victor I’ve listened to my data stream and discovered that there is an N.T.S.A. branch office on Drizzle; except here it stands for Natural Treachery and Subversion Activity, and it funds the Kweer Klux Droc defense fund among others.

Droc kweers exploiting their new marriage app have opened Kids for Kweers conversion centers globally. Foster kids made orphans from casualties through Droc on Droc fighting and attrition from a new wave of devastating global cooling economics are inducted into two-kweer families with as many as thirty Droc kids. They are indoctrinated and renormalized to homosexuality.

The new kweer kids were ripped away from heterosexual centric norms of happy Drocodile, heterosexual two-parent homes. Love crimes of molestation were normalized by the High Court of Drizzle and renamed non-conversion therapy.

The N.T.S.A. is led on Drizzle by a full-blooded Croc of Shiv. Shivian crocs are the parent of the aboriginal crocodiles of Drizzle that made planetfall a few thousand years ago. With their greater height and studly appearance the big Crocs of Shiv have quickly taken roles of social influence.”

“Sure Laura. I seem to recall something about the planet Shiv being flash frozen with total casualties a few years ago. I think they should have had survivors interested in traveling to Drizzle for reopening trade relations with relatives abandoned hundreds of years ago.”

Laura replied; “The drive to halt population growth can be a good tool for sewing social conflict rationalizing the use of coercive homosexual hegemony over society. Plainly there are too many Drocs for the planet’s natural resources. Droc elites, and perhaps newly arrived Shivian Droc elites too, would like to cull the herd rather than educate it about how to adapt and keep a healthy society.”

“Equally plain are the energy and enthusiasm kweer Drocs have for transforming Drizzle to a planet of kweer Drocs. I think it probable that Serenity Corporation is developing the conflict advantaging dissolution of traditional Droc social structure for their own advantage than for any inclination to prevent Drocs from becoming an endangered species.

Mars experienced Serenity’s social impact before the theft of intellectual capital and global genocide. It would be surprising to me if that isn’t what is actually being developed on Drizzle too.”

As they drew closer to the flyway, fast moving specs gradually appeared in the sky racing northeast toward the capital city. The featureless Drizzle lowland with tall grass and vernal pools yielded slowly to bug-rich lush swamps and hillocks covered in thick, low vegetation. From the summit of a modest hillock appeared a vista of thousands of lakes and billboards angling up toward a skyway.

A bright yellow light illuminated a quadraceptor taxi drone station. Victor and Laura naturally selected that as their target and fully masked up with righteously authentic looking Droc face masking.

“Isn’t it time we get into our slither-step mode?” Laura asked.

“Yeah, my suit’s got the code for that muscle memory”; Victor answered, beginning the low skating-speed-hump bumping movements forward at reduced speed.

“Your lower extremities don’t seem much larger than mine Victor; is that correct?”

“Oh right. Got to make that seasonal adjustment; it’s the month of Jejune. His suit expanded in the appropriate places.

The taxi station was bare; a concrete slab under a porous canopy that let the drizzle reach everything bathed under it in pleasuring moisture and bright yellow light.

Victor and Laura slithered up a smooth concrete ramp to the waiting and landing area sliding into concave slab chairs collecting pools of drizzle. Victor pressed a large red button on a metal rod in front of the chairs to signal passing taxis that riders were waiting.

In a few minutes a quadraceptor drone with a driver swooped down from the flyway and settled near them.

“Slither in tope me craft”; directed the taxi driver.

They slithered onto the flat drone with four large fans and a propelling blade astern for forward motion. Ailerons and rudder controls on two wings overhead were controlled by an A.I. The discrepant looking driver with numerous bite marks covering his leathery hide among a frogish assortment of warts and an expanded male lower unit asked; “Where tupe?”

“Skorgutsbot’ Laura said, and the quadraceptor swooped up ascending to the flyway fifty meters above.

Laura asked the driver as they cruised along at a couple hundred miles an hour with a windscreen deflecting bug impacts occasionally with loud thwapps; “Do you know where the vault of intellectual capital is in Skorgutsbot”?

“Intellectual capital! What do you want with that? The police are conducting raids these days on Drocs hording ideas. Ideas rightly belong to the people and can’t be owned. The Grand Shiv Croc of N.T.S.A. showed us how we be all screwed with ideas and just labor have value; ideas worthless!” the driver related.

Victor added;”Yes, ideas are dangerous. We encountered a Droc in a swamp with one and wanted to denounce him to authority. Where in the Drizzle could he have got an idea?”

The driver replied with heat; “It’s the Dugong that had ideas. Dreamers floating in the seas munching on weed thinking all the time. When the first Droc discovered their sexy bodies and started the tradition of humpin Dugong, the Droc in us was lost and flooded with Dugon genes making us all less than Crocs full of meat.”

“Of course” replied Laura. “The Dugong ancestral memories of inventions and ideas rise up like schematics from our subconscious mind pools. We need to depth charge those with whatever bombs we can get!”

The driver said; “I know exactly where the N.T.S.A. in Skorgutsbot is and will take you there. It is actually not too far from my Kweer”.

“Yeah, it’s good the authority is rounding up ideas and delivering them to the N.T.S.A. to keep the people safe”; Victor concluded.

The driver expansively said; “My wife; Dickwith Twoballs, is a mail-in decision member of the Supreme Court of Nine Hundred Lizards. He is a most prestigious Droc and owns The Sex Toys are Us store across the street from the N.T.S.A. and the Intellectual Capital Storage Vault where the offensive material is being gathered for disposal. Dickwith keeps a string of kids in the shop available for crèche families. You may give a few kids a sex test if you like with no obligation to purchase. Would you like to be dropped off at the store?”

Victor said; “Thanks. Maybe we will slither over later. I need to visit a doctor for some lower extremity enhancement treatment; getting older you know. Anyplace in a medical district of Skorgutsbot would be satisfactory.”

“I know the spot; there are many options; a Nonconversion Induction center, gender confirmation redesigns your body shop, heart, lungs and gut specialty store, Flaunt enhancements chain store, brain specialists, claw, foot and snout doctor and numerous toothists. Maybe you would like to go to Flaunts?” the driver queried.

Laura answered the driver; “Yes. I have been meaning to ask you when Drocs began to use standard English as their language. Dickwith Twoballs seems an English language name and somewhat unDroc like.”

The driver chuckled at that; “You sure must have been a star flunk kid to not have learned Droc history well enough to know. English arrived with a great Croc of Shiv thousands of years ago.”

The vast body parts and organ farms growing food to supply Drizzlers need for protein that existed along the Eastern side of the flyway as far as the eye could see for hundreds of miles gradually gave way to the intrusion of small stores and service shops along a service road below the flyway.

“We can take a fifteen minute rest stop at a restaurant ahead if you like; they serve great arm and tail bone stew, biscuits and blood gravy.”

“Thanks driver, let’s just go on to the medical district. I want to be hard and presentable tonight before we go out on the town” Victor directed.

More billboards and pleasure drug farms, shops and strip malls appeared to displace the body parts food farms as hazy structures of Skorgutsbot appeared through the drizzle.

The quadraceptor driver dropped down to the roof of a Medical center complex and let us off at a commercial landing zone. We paid him with

journalist coin; a quantum crypto currency acceptable throughout most known universes, and slithered on a moving sidewalk over the network of sky bridges connecting buildings. We slid quickly down wet chutes from some of the taller ones to lower buildings and soon reached the street.

Laura saw a street directory and asked it for the location and vacancy of the nearest hotel. It booked a room for them on the first floor of the Slithy Humper with an exterior door.

Then she asked for the home address of the great Croc of Shiv, got it and sent it to memory. Laura and Victor slither-walked two and a half blocks to their hotel room at the Slithy Humper.

It was a small, urban efficiency room with low class Droc furnishings; they had a water bed two feet deep that allowed Drocs to slumber in warm liquid scented with delicate rotting vegetation and sweet meats.

Each morphed their Droc camouflage to clear business human. Victor remove a transparent pistol loaded with full metal jacket rounds packed with two-part very high speed military explode-on-impact bullets from a camouflage pocket of his business suit.

Laura asked; “You do have a link to a relocator, no?”

“Yes Laura; It can take us out of here whenever we are ready.”

“Excellent Victor. I was winging it without one. One issue solved. We need to take down the great Croc of Shiv who is C.E.O. of the local branch of N.T.S.A. and keeper of the Intelligence Capital Vault in order to get access to that blinking vault.”

“Sure Laura. I brought a useful device from the vault at Mars; a mind communication and control tool that configures neurons in a subject’s brain to respond to external control with a micro-cyber link. We’ll get one of those into the great Croc’s brain such as it is, and motivate him to walk into the vault himself and exfil all of the data.”

“I brought a Bose-Einstein microdot of a recursive, infinite matrix of frozen, super-positioned photons eschewing a Schrodinger wave collapse to affect all possible varieties of data storage vault Victor.”

“That’s new to me Laura- a useful device with unlimited data storage capacity. It makes the idea of level four storage vaults a little anachronistic doesn’t it?”

“In some senses it does, in others not. It is easy to misplace a microdot with all of the information of a super-massive black hole at the center of a galaxy, and with Cantor’s paradigm of some infinite series being greater than others, yet still capable of keeping as much data as a greater infinite series given more space, the lesser infinity sometimes becomes paradoxically transformed into the greater.

Infinite dimensional packing of information structured with optimal programming synergy blurs the lines between physical or mathematical structures and dimensions and the programming code maximizing the efficiency of dimensional structure. The most practical value of a level four vault for us is that they are easier to find”, Laura said.

Victor activated a wall video and told it to show the street outside, then directed the view to walk over to the N.T.S.A. Victor found the employee parking lot and saw the space reserved for the director. In it rested a sleek land vehicle that would draw power from the city street wireless charging grid. Victor put a mind control unit into a small invisible drone and released it from the front door cracked open for a second, before closing the door softly and returning to watch it fly over to make a small visual blur by the door handle of the Big Crock of Shiv’s vehicle displayed on the wall video.

“The mind control unit is micro-sized and will enter into the brain of the Croc of Shiv through its air intake when it nears the auto. It sends nano-neurons through the bloodstream beyond the blood brain barrier nearly instantly. The Big Croc will be our tool about five p.m. I would guess.” Victor explained.

“I can send over a drone with my Bose-Einstein microdot to stick on an eye of the Big Croc. It need mate up just briefly with the direct data channel of the vault’s quantum data holograms to copy everything its got on patents of Drizzle” Laura said.

”Serenity must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to steal Drizzle’s patents; there can’t be too many of them Laura.”

“We might discover that the Dugong-crocodile hybrid line is more creative than we know. Dugongs are real dreamers and crocodiles pragmatists. Perhaps ideas are created that never see the light of day outside the patent office because the Droc heritage of crocodile indifference to much else than a red meat diet inclines the species to invent, file and forget Victor.”

Victor and Laura sat down to chat and watch the clock spin toward quitting time. Five o’clock arrived and among the Drocs exiting the N.T.S.A. was a taller and obviously pure-blooded Shivian Croc with a noble bearing. He walked away from the main entrance toward the parking lot, reached his auto and was owned by Victor. The micro-controller flew up the airway of the Great Croc and in seconds entered the brain where a complex neural structure assembled.

“Welcome to my world Great Croc of Shiv”, Victor said to the wall video audio that he was using as his immediate input-output interface with the controller live in the Croc of Shiv’s brain and mind.

The Great Croc was bewildered believing he heard an audio hallucination. The Croc’s mind was open to Victor and in fact slaved to the implanted technology.

“You aren’t having a hallucination Great Croc. Here is a little audio pain to show you the difference”; the Croc’s brain experienced extreme audio tone pain though not a sound beside normal street noise reached his ears.

Victor could transmit visual images and sounds directly to the captive Crocs mind, and actually take over elements of his mind sufficient to make his willpower as much Victor’s as his own.

Victor looked into the subconscious and the Croc’s memories to discover that the Croc was not a Croc at all. It was a large human. And what is more, a large human female of Victor’s acquaintance named Corporal Hedda Dabbler.

Victor was mildly surprised that the Martian Corporal working for Serenity was wearing a camouflage suit to play the role of a great Croc of Shiv, yet Drizzle is a low-life planet and they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for patents here so Corporal Dabbler is good enough he thought.

Victor said to Laura; “I know that Croc. It’s my Serenity torture chamber jailer from Mars wearing a Croc suit. I believe we can turn her around to extract the data for us.”

Laura attached the Bose-Einstein microdot to Dabbler’s left iris with a thought to its c.p.u that directed its flight.

Victor spoke to Corporal Dabbler’s mind instructing her that; “The surrounding pain you are experiencing is real and will intensify until you place your eye upon the optical port of the data storage vault. Feel the power Dabbler!”

Dabbler’s intense yet not debilitating brain pain echoed through her brain and filtered into countless memories and four of five senses. Victor helped Dabbler turn around and reenter the building and pass security to levitate downward to the level four-vault, where she passed through numerous security protocols and arrived at the optical port to place her left eye upon it. The inventions of Drizzle flowed into the microdot and were sorted out amid the libraries of other content. Dabbler’s pain briefly decreased and she took her eyeball away from the optic port.

Victor drained her mind and memories of content and transferred that to the microdot as well, then directed Corporal Dabbler to exfiltrate the building.

Corporal Dabbler exited the N.T.S.A. once again. The tool of the Serenity Corporation got into her auto, drove a few blocks and parked, then removed her camouflage clothes and steeped out naked on the streets of Skorgutsbot. She immediately attracted attention from the Drocs on the streets who had appetites stimulated at the sight and smell of rare tasty human breast meat shimmying with insouciant waddling fleeing before them.

Corporal Dabbler fled naked from the maddened lunch crowd of Skorgutsbot as her depleted brain bios stem compelled her. Before a wall of teeth reached her, she thought in panic as the hungry Drocs closed in, of the good times on Mars torturing Victor Scriabin.

Laura recalled the microdot to the hotel room. Victor shared the information with Laura and they sorted through the contents pertaining to local N.T.S.A. operations.

“There isn’t much on Serenity personnel hierarchy here Victor. It appears that Drizzle was managed by Dabbler and local contractors; it is an unimportant location although Drocs did contribute several valuable inventions. The supply chain relocator link is to a facility at the Secretions of Ingland”, Laura said.

Victor commented; “Ingland is in the Hidden Universe of the Imperial Criminal Empire entertainment division is it not?”

“Victor, Dwindling Worlds office accountants have obtained information from those criminals we have audited of journalist coin spending sprees at theme parks in the Hidden Universe and the name Ingland has come up in the reports.”

“We should relocate to my black body ship Laura. Dabbler’s disappearance from the roster of life on Drizzle will not be unnoticed by Serenity. Changes unhelpful to us are likely to occur here quickly.”

Laura agreed. Victor’s relocator was active and they vanished from the room and the planet Drizzle.

When they arrived at Victor’s black body ship at the edge of the Otto Von Trump galaxy’s habitation zone, Victor copied his data vault content of Martian patents to Laura’s microdot.

“Are you ready for relocation to the Secretions of Ingland in the Hidden Universe of the Imperial Criminal Empire Laura?”

“Yeah, Victor; make my day” she replied.

A moment after they relocated, the black body station was obliterated by a force delivery package redistributed by the Serenity Corporation.

The relocator brought Victor and Laura to the Hidden Universe’s source of supplies reaching Drizzle. They were outside of a supply depot with workers operating storage and transfer equipment for pallets full of cargo appearing out of nowhere.

Laura said to Victor as they sat down upon a grassy knoll half a klick from the depot; “These hidden dimensions mystify me a bit. They are like an infinite number of Chinese puzzle boxes or measuring cups given ordinal and cardinal relativity. Smaller one fit into larger ones and larger ones can fit tangentially within smaller ones, and any configuration of dimensional construction is possible with an infinite number of dimensions. At the Dwindling Worlds accounting office we frown on that sort of comparable plasticity of numbers that permits anything to be what it is not while remaining what it is.”

“Yet it obviously works practically Laura; Serenity can resupply N.T.S.A. branch stores in any possible universe; even an infinite number of branches and universes, from hidden dimensions and shortcuts located in the switch-yard of a hidden universe. That it is, an entertainment universe provides good cover to criminals leaving their day jobs for vacations to the Hidden Universe to perpetrate their criminal activities under the cover of hidden dimensions” Victor remarked.

“They would at least allow supply delivery shortcuts and coordination through innumerable universes” Laura added.

“What if the Metaverse is configured like neural architecture and thinks for itself, in itself” Victor wondered aloud.

“What if the Metaverse is bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a breadbox too, yet is not a breadbox at all” Laura replied.

“How very Zen like of you Laura.”

“Humans and other three-dimension shaped mass can only exist in three dimensions- the Ehrenfest effect, so we must need some sort of dimensional compensator to translate our mass into n-dimensional configurations. I saw such a unit glancing through the patents from Mars you’ve added to my digital storage microdot” Laura said.

“Well we don’t need that one presently. For now our three dimensions of mass are adequate for this Hidden Universe as it also has three dimensions. They are just shifted upward at a higher frequency and can look downward into our home Universe as if it were beyond a one-way mirror”, Victor said.

“That would be a feature useful for voyeurs and other criminal entities for looking over potential victims.” Laura inferred.

Their orientation and survey of immediate surroundings were challenged with a disturbance in the stasis of perceptive events by a clustering intensity of personnel in the compound below. Near a structure of machine metal lit with a pervading red light, a purple flame snapped from a tube with a sharp crack of sound and the ground before them erupted into a cataclysm of exploding dirt and biomass. Victor and Laura went into full retreat mode in the darkness and dialed up their electro-magnetic spectrum camouflage as high as it went.

More bloody detonations tracked their withdrawal vector so they altered course, breaking apart and heading in opposite directions for exfiltrating the area. Each knew to rendezvous a couple of miles farther away from the depot and then relocate elsewhere on the surface of the Hidden Universe they had arrived on.

Laura crawled along just below the edge of a rise extending like an eroded escarpment away from the depot while Victor ran through tall grass swale to swale, and over petty hills dropping to take up a fighting position occasionally to scan for pursuers even as the detonations from the battle tube lobbing explosive packages behind him continued to shatter the night.

When the explosions faded to an occasional pop, Laura and Victor were two miles away and no pursuit was evident besides an occasional pterodactyl security drone flying overhead looking for meat below. The world they found themselves on was an enigmatic, unfinished theme. Raw data coded columns rose to support a sky’s-the-limit quasi-atmosphere phenomenalized for intelligent design utility.

Each molecule was accounted for and directed to serve functions apropos to the live content of a theme. Molecules of breathable air for human forms were the prevailing default configurations yet with each molecule assigned a particular unique number and different string attachment alteration ability they could move along energy streams and currents wherever needed, in whatever quantity could be required for a given structure.

Land molecules were more complex with information locally storing configuration and energy potential forms that would allow new mass structures to rise or dissolve to support the overall theme configuration given by a chief orthogon of lie groups key ring signal embedded in the rising, upwelling surface of herniated space driving apart mass-energy as the dark energy was contradicted by dark matter in a dynamic dialectical dialogue between the two.

“What is the plan now Laura? We seem to have eluded the pursuit if there was any, and the gunners aren’t just shooting at anything vaguely suspect as criminals might”, Victor said.

“Ya got me Victor. A builder of false matrices incites non-dimensional virtual particles to bridge no-space and appear as inflation-ready fields that will contain massive energy.

There may be no particular place where we would be moderately safe within this hidden universe. Distance means even less if the entire hidden universe is intelligent and the molecules wired into a coverall Siggs field sending information to a central authority.

I noticed reading one of the data columns that this entity; one of a plethora of secretions, is named the Nemgrunda Mbutaag facility. You may recall that Mbutaag was an outlaw space engineer who won a Von Guber genius grant to develop clever space structures before he was convicted by a high galactic court of the parent galaxy of humans for using populated habitable planets for building materials. He disappeared into unfathomable darkness” Laura explained.

“Hmm…Nemgrunda Mbutaag. That was nearly three hundred years ago Laura?”

“Yes; he made history everywhere and was one of the galaxy’s ten most wanted before the Metaverse explorations expanded human interactions beyond the home Universe Victor.”

“Laura, if every atom and molecule has quantum attachments to given transcending fields and infinite dimensions to allow infinite configurations of atoms and subatomic particles, molecules and so forth in an infinite number of selected dimensions, for example; if three dimensional humans have some of their structures appearing simultaneously in n-dimensions in whatever form- even an unlimited number of forms in configurations in n-dimensions, and if everything in a hidden universe is a single use of a stratum or select layer of dimensions and energy-mass content, then what is the value of stealing anything, if everything can be reconfigured into whatever it is that the Imperial Criminal Empire desires?”

“Something to chew on Victor. Ideas and inventions aren’t plain material, energy or mass and can’t easily be generated by an A.I. algorithm creating every possible invention or idea. Stealing inventions the old fashioned way may be the only practical option for them. Yet they could of course just be looking for operating systems software for the quantum mechanics of universes.”

“Sure Laura; as many universes and levels of universes as they can get, though they might not actually know how many universes that is. Owning an infinite number of universes before one has consumed an infinite number of universes for pleasure would assure an adequate supply of universes for the criminal comfort and wealth of the future. Natural resource-exhausting economics could be overcome by expropriating an infinite number of universes. There is nothing like having adequate supply.”

“Our security camouflage isn’t going to hide us much longer from the mathematical quantum structures that are directing the atoms of the Mbutaag facility Victor. I suggest we convert our feet to numbers with an implicit, inertial c.p.u. reflecting A.I. to let our feet think for themselves and counteract signals of being into non-being for the math sensors of Mbutaag. At some juncture we need to examine the cargo shipments passing through the Mbutaag structure.”

“Yes Laura, and find out who the real C.E.O.s of Serenity are.”

Quantum field theory; Q.F.T. describes some of the characteristics and strengths of quantum fields. Advanced Q.F.T. relates the behaviors of fields mathematically in relation to other fields occurring in four dimensions of space-time allowing fractional changes to the spin of constituent energy packets after they are converted into just numbers. One dimension points may be inducted with virtual fields and built between quantum field values with charges that adequately mirror quantum field objects; bringing into four dimensions and with higher maths and dimensions, virtual quantum fields.

With their feet transformed through virtual integration into adaptive synthetic virtual field values the resident A.I. was able to calculate and configure their feet to any surface field existing on the Mbutaag structure.

“My feet feel quite a bit better Victor. I haven’t been resting them at a desk for quite some time” Laura said. “So let’s go gather some intell on the far side of the Mbutaag structure, wherever that is.”

Victor replied; “That, according to my data stream, is about 1700 miles downward, diagonally speaking.”

With their feet converting to numbers Laura said; “This mission to recover the patents of the Dwindling Worlds has become somewhat ethereal even for me Victor; the forensics accounting office encounters a wide variety of structures, tax shelters, thefts and relocation of resources, yet the trans-universal infinities of universes leave me somewhat baffled concerning direction. Let’s say a prayer before we proceed.’

Alright with me Laura”, Victor said taking a knee; “What prayer would you like?”

Joining Victor in taking a knee, she replied; “The Universe Farer’s Prayer”.

They prayed together;

Jesus savior pilot me;

across a Multiverse’s troubled seas

extra dimensions ahead

infinite universes behind

lead me beyond omegas

and unstable temporal non-primes.

They rose from the ground and began skate walking over the surface topology tapping into the molecular composition of the structure for information as they went.

“If numbers are fractions of a whole or have meaning only in relation to a series of numbers; infinities as it were in all directions except as arbitrary sets are delimiting paradigms Laura, why are numbers not infinite in quantity and size in every position and each dimension without any sort of delimiting structure at all? How can trans-finite series, as Cantor discovered, have any real or unique identity that would make them greater or lesser than every number that exists is an infinite continuum for all possible dimensions?”

“Victor, I would guess you wonder that because if numbers are the true foundation of all energy and mass, and gravity exists as well as thermodynamics in each universe, then obviously there is a process for changing sets that exist within the continuum of all possible numbers, at every possible location. Why would numbers develop temporally finite sets like squalls across an infinite sea? Are they echoes from the passage of an idea from the deity?

Why do numbers draw other positions together within a continuum that has infinite numbers at every location? What makes for an increase or decrease of value anywhere, if anyplace may as well be nowhere?

Why would a spatial field; perhaps a field of charged virtual particles, upsurge like a hernia driving apart space-time, and appear within fields of a universe as elements with cardinal or ordinal differentiation in no-space? The quantity is infinite at every location, so the relative scalar difference of magnitude causality could be explained with dimensional intrusions.”

“Yes you are right in saying that Laura. I wonder why seven causes of gravity exist at all, and why gravity exists if numbers are not an intrusive upsurge into being in no-space.”

“Well, numbers do exist Victor, just look at our feet. Inequalities pervade the universes of mass/energy and they are the machine that, in a sense, circulates existence through revolutions of thermodynamic, ordered change. A greater always seems to transcend a pre-existing series.

God is said to have issued his Word; possibly raising waves of change through infinities, like points of space bringing time into motion through displacement of dimensional nothingness. I have wondered what factor would set the values of the number of dimensions existing at one point, or if the value is always set to infinity. I believe presently we should look for data about the form of the Mbutaag structure.

Laura and Victor journeyed a few miles searching for a data port or station link to splice into on the way around the Mbutaag structure that seemed to have an Earth-like natural landscape of gently rolling hill country. Escarpments between vast cylindrical extrusions occasionally sectioned the surface.

On closer examination of one of the first section dividers encountered they discovered the entire artificial construct to be a quantum computer built with elementary, unlimited input-output access. Plugging in to make a brief inquiry, the Mbutaag structure was revealed as largely constructed to be a planet-sized quantum computer object of superconducting crystal and metal components formed as a minor tetrahedron; with land and an artificial gravity driven by a dark matter convecting current with the artificial intellect of the tetrahedron managing gravistat controls for the benefit of humans.

The Mbutaag was one of the countless secretions spawned from the primary Ingland device spanning hundreds of light years over the core of the Hidden Universe of the Imperial Criminal Empire. The secretions were engineered within the Ingland machine; inducting virtual particles from a limitless federal reserve of criminal enterprises emptying out; looting, the contents of black holes from an infinite number of universes. Flipped into white holes spouting energy and mass to the Ingland machine swag bag, coded secretions for structures useful for processing stolen worlds and even galaxies as well as manufacturing utopias for nominally loyal chief criminal executive officers of the empire emanated and compiled like coral reefs in space.

Streets of corporatopia built on secretions in the Hidden Universe were paved with yellow bricks of gold super-conductors that added more energy value with the energetic compression of every step trod upon them. Each C.E.O. had a mansion with endless rooms visited by servants forever enslaved who, nearing death, had their brains and minds transferred in cyborg dwogs that would process the brain over time into an ossified neural architecture in the dwog’s ass replacing flesh with algorithmically programmed molecular morphology to carry on customary servility until the warrantee service given to a C.E.O. expired at the C.E.O.’s death.

C.E.O.s were never troubled by the sight of another structure upon the vista of their habitation unless they deemed it so. Their executive servants discovered countless new methods to destroy the political self-determinism of individuals and nations on indigent planets deemed worthy of having patentable ideas stolen from.

The marketplace of ideas of targeted worlds were closed down and new ideas restricted to disclosure to just government control in order for new inventions to trickle up exclusively to the grand office of Maud Dlib the reliable inter-universal operative coordinating relocation of inventions and wealth to the safe control of the Imperial Criminal Empire through Serenity.

The feet of Victor and Laura continued processing mathematical configurations to push them along the cylindrical quantum computer infrastructure at a rate of speed sufficient to move them through the labyrinth of tubes toward the center of the structure and a side opposite that of origin. Breathable atmosphere was maintained around them with instructions from the mathematical feet to the outer layer of quantum calculations reshaping molecules.

They learned enough to skim virtual particles and directly fabricate a serviceable relocator vessel near their destination that would be utilized for transport to the farthest of the Ingland secretions. The Mbutaag structure pseudo-planet machine was building another hidden universe within the present one apparently purposed toward undermining the security of the Dwindling Worlds region of the normal universe.

“You know Laura,” Victor said; “If we continue the open patents system and bring in as many ideas as are created by the thought of anyone regardless of poverty or plenty we will be concentrating intellectual capital and make easier targets for the Imperial Criminal Empire.”

“Victor there isn’t anything we can do about that, at least in the Dwindling Worlds, except to stop the thefts and leaks. Getting patentable ideas to market as soon as possible is necessary if we are to keep ahead of destructive environmental challenges or stop destructive interference from infinite universes and dimensions that may conflict by design or accident with our own.

Obviously we cannot regard other universes as being on the same time metric as ours since universal space-time is self-standing in relation to the thermodynamic spaces and configurations for-themselves and not for-other universes. Thought might occur at some future or past time, new inventions created a priori to resolve circumstances that don’t exist yet, and may keep our Universe and the sentients in it alive. Humans may have a future instead of being haplessly rolled up by whatever concern crashes into it or drops in from higher dimensions.”

“Laura, I have wondered about the relation simultaneous event in different universes or if there is even such a thing. The life of a universe is like that of a campfire that may start with a small combustion event and burn up its wood supply until it finally is a thermodynamic spent pile of ashes. The past and future of the campfire don’t actually exist. Only the present state of the campfire exists.

If our universe is 13.2 billion years old then the Universe-fire has burned that long, yet it is always in the present and the past is lost except as Shannon entropy conserved data someplace. If an event occurs in our Universe, for example, the last judgment that may occur circa 3400 anno domini, based on my reading of the Revelation chapters 19-21, then that event could occur simultaneously with the present state of other universes existing on that day.

Universes that exist and conclude before or start after the 13.2 billion year window of the theoretical life of this Universe could not exist concurrently and experience any awareness of the last judgment event presently through inter-dimensional relocator technology, as a simultaneous event.

Just, the present live state of universes exist, some before, and some after those of the original human universe, though line cone images of them may be observed for trillions of years theoretically. General and special relativity theories complicate calculations of the relations of inter-universal space-time positions. They are too much for me at any rate. I am thankful that entangled energy as universes are not in uncollapsed form at all possible locations of extra-spatial infinity and eternity”

Laura said;”We will advance all of those inventions and grant patents that become non-exclusive after three years with ten percent royalties to patent holders in perpetuity. That is the best available way to keep new ideas in production and from being buried under exclusivity and suppression from manipulators and censors of the marketplace of ideas.”

As the pair neared the space relocator they had fabricated remotely, they discovered aspects of the power of the planet-size quantum computer. It began collapsing waveforms of infinite numbers around them.

Long ago the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics developed a Schrödinger wave function collapse paradigm that became surpassed by the more accurate Everett many-worlds paradigm. In the Everett account the wave function never collapsed; instead a new reality was branched to instead of a waveform collapse.

The Everett paradigm might be compared to that of a Metaverse existing for God with every possible Universe differentiation, even by a single quark, actually existing. That was quite a different scenario from the venerable Copenhagen interpretation with a quantum particle at all possible locations reduced to just a single place when observed with the collapse of the wave function…a grounding of the infinite flight of locations and velocity of a single particle. A wave is collapsed to a particular point.

For me at least, finite zero-dimension points of phenomenality among uncollapsed natural infinities is a paradox.

Laura and Victor slowed their pace when they were within seventeen hundred meters of the virtual relocator vessel.

Victor said; “Let us yield a little time for the relocator vessel to recognize us and merge its being for-itself with our mind fields in-themselves and for-others.”

“Sure Victor, consider this; logically according to some multiverse theories, there may be an infinite number of occurrences of everything possible in every possible universe. Perhaps the Schrödinger wave function requires trans-universal realizations of every possible element of every possible universe, manufacturing them as it were in every possible time and stage of existence a priori. Instead of each sentient individual having a finite number of doppelgangers of himself within an infinite number of universes, everyone would have an infinite number of doppelgangers and various gradations of partial dopplegangers and universes with degrees of variations.

That would in the abstract be like an infinite series multiplying itself infinitely at every point, and infinitely from each point compounded. Besides possibly multiplying infinities and corresponding universes faster than infinite series can be logically increased, that may be a reason why God, if he chose to do so, may have limited the phenomenon of being to just one universe that would be populated with human individuals.

Though a computer program may generate infinite series naturally it is simple for a programmer to curtail infinities for processing throughput. God may have infinite capability to contain all possible infinities and wave functions associated with them, yet choose to abbreviate them. As alpha and omega of all being God foreknows all creation; nothing mechanical concerning constructions or time and being are more than contingent being that he may decide to actualize for-others.

The actualization of all infinities for a Metaverse may be abbreviated as a mathematician may abbreviate formulas instead of writing them all out. Universes may manifest phenomenally as needed to actualize logical continua and disappear when the time spotlight moves on.

If there is an infinite quantity of every item in the mind of God actualized in His Metaverse then it may follow that some elements of His infinite qualities of perfection and varieties, quantities and experiences of perfection, present to and through sentient beings through infinite universes. Imperfections may be reciprocals of perfection as night follows day and darkness yields unto dawn.

Gradations of forms and events, persons and things may be as necessary as the infinite numbers of fractions between whole numbers. Maybe God selects what forms or numbers he chooses to populate a universe with in order to design a universe that would accomplish his will.

He may mask some of the fractions and permit selections that work within quantum value settings for the stabilized quantum fields in the design parameters; physical contents that is the infrastructure of the steady state of the macro-collapsed, entangled material Universe.

Sure the selections would be a factor of the pre-determination of history. The ability to create more advanced sets with specially selected elements may be useful for fine-tuning the subjective experience, and objective world-for-itself that contingent, sentient minds experience. Maybe one of the reasons for doing so would be to build the character of sentients in a pre-determined course of experience.

Sentience is one of the ironic tones of imperfection for a monistic Metaverse that fundamentally differentiates individual objects as perceptions of collapsed wave function objects; noteworthy because of differentiation from other collapsed wave function field differences around them. Sentience is finite and imperfect; phenomenal and temporal. Omniscience is perfect and above time; it is the one set of all sets of infinities in-itself.

Pluralism is a function or construction of definition by sentient beings within a monistic field for-itself. God though, personifying the Trinity of Three Persons in One, is the initial symmetry-breaking monistic, plural sentience…omniscient before the existence of time. The fields of God that contain a Metaverse are barely ponderable; even the Metaverse is challenging for sentients or A.I. to define, contingent beings as we are.”

Victor said; Well Laura Thought; one thing we may know; there could be an infinite number of hidden universes with criminal doppelgangers like those populating this one trying to steal and own all of the intellectual capital in the Metaverse. What if they are working together, synergizing their criminal powers?”

“Indeed Victor; what if there are an infinite number of anti-criminal doppelgangers working together to undo the Imperial Criminal Empire’s work?”

Victor replied; “You know that a Hegelian might speculate that God is trying to realize himself, or to realize perfect sentients, by generating an infinite number of Universes with infinite tools to actualize perfection. That is, to actualize perfection, every possibility may need to be made to exist as actuality, because anything less might be considered to be incomplete and imperfect”

“A Hegelian might,” Laura answered, “Yet that implies God is imperfect and the Metaverse was created in time and God with it. Then one encounters the problem of temporality and of an infinite Universe existing in one direction in time rather than from eternity; a Metaverse always imperfect and incomplete cycling through a portion of non-space eternally imperfect in one direction without generating sentience capable of comprehending it to own, delimit or end it. The logic of the Trinity is more believable.”

“No scientific idea is logically falsifiable with absolutely certainty Laura. The premises could always be in error. Then again, there is the problem of the criterion to consider.

That is the Lao Tzu conundrum; a hummingbird flies into one’s living room for a moment then disappears. It is reasonable to speculate that it flew in through an open door, or window. Then one is informed by a gamer that one is in virtual reality and to get back to the task of winning.

If the wave function explaining quantum particles wasn’t falsifiable, some wouldn’t regard it as valid physics. So if the criterion is incorrect concerning reality, a description of the quantum world when one isn’t observing it or alternatively when one is may be an invalid question made from an ontologically wrong paradigm.

Faith is a good way to relate to God for a mortal human, since nothing can be certain. Probabilities of outcomes may be made of course, sometimes with a very high likelihood of being a valid return on a proposition. Truth tables may be composed and made implicitly irrelevant because of the circumstance in which the truth table exists.

Particles and steady state physics may exist with observation because massless particles have slowed in a Higgs field to sub-light speed. A Copenhagen interpretation can regard the quantum world as not existing when not observed, or irrelevant to consider unobserved.

Consider the predisposition to incorrect interpretation; waves may be the normal state and particles are inducted from them with observation temporally, yet the wave may continue as the true normative state. The downloading to observable particle is the anomalous breaker of the normal condition… how could it appear as if it were unobserved with characteristics of an unobserved wave?

Why a pure field phenomena of energy should appear as mass with particles is a question that leads me to wonder why quantum fields should host differences within them that yield solid state mass.

Laura, it occurs to me that quantum interference like that of the double slit experiments might be instructive for getting answers to questions of how quantum interference occurs in the many worlds Multi-verse paradigm. There are issues of infinite quantum entanglements with steady states of sub-luminal mass in four dimensions comprising Universes. Why shouldn’t quantum inference and even universal interference arise to form concentrations of mass across infinite numbers of dimensions?”

“What Victor; do you mean interference patterns generating trans-dimensional black holes?”

“Well, not exactly Laura. Derivatively speaking, what wind of spirit arises to trouble waters of non-space in the beginning? Why should an initial trans-universal primordial field have differences with a first cause? Perfect symmetries and balances, perfect scale, extension without point of origin, a word spoken into the darkness?”

“Are you making the suggestion that the Metaverse might not be real Victor? In cyber-space or a complete simulation where a quantum computer is the Universe and all sentients are digital, there can be no free will; no one could suicide for example, unless the code was written for the sentient to do so.

The boundary conditions for the simulations must be determined. A simulation can’t start with a wiped, formatted space without a program loaded in. A program could be written to evolve permutations for evolution and cycle through iterations of apparent Universes, though I would think that its infinities would be loopy and its capacity for hosting dimensional capacity finite. A simulated Universe would need to exist within a non-simulated Universe or as an epiphenomenality hosted by absolute spirit.”

“I don’t at all believe the Metaverse is a simulation Laura, although it could be that some kind of complex quantum interference patterns are generated by fields external to observable steady states of sub-luminal entangled mass within the Higgs field. Apparent observations and travel like we have made for-ourselves may be macro-extensions of an Everett every-possible-Universe kind that are localized and made to support our choices.”

“Then the Metaverse may not exist, just our observations and experiences of appearances of what it would be if it did exist because of macro-field interference? There must be a positive value role for interference that is a response to our wave function data and anticipatory future inertial disposition.”

“That might be the way it is Laura. One cannot be certain.”

Around them, and across the landscape, the quantum computer directed the collapse of virtual quanta wave functions concentrating trillions and trillions of tons of mass at a single spot building toward immanent formation of a black hole. With foresight entering her mind inexplicably for herself, Laura broke off their experience of the Mbutaag structure and conjecture about the wave function’s referent object system.

“It’s the moment to exit here Victor.”

Their mathematical feet took a shortcut inter-dimensionally across Hilbert space and tensored them into the super-positioned virtual ship relocator existing beyond Schrodinger waveform collapses in all possible worldlines within the Hidden Universe. Thought activated their relocator and Laura, with Victor, exited the collapsing world.

The virtual ship relocator encountered turbulence during the transfer of Laura and Victor to one of the secreted worlds. The virtual relocator reconvened quantum coherence to all possible locations and decohered the quanta into a field that pervaded the located Universe and let three dimensional objects exist in a steady state.

Yet there was a paradox in quantum entanglements and quantum transfer between a coherent state as determined by wave function and a decohered state determined by a semblance of wave function collapse; information regarding position and momentum of quanta need exist apart from the quanta itself. The paradox of information about the uncollapsed location of quanta and entanglement of quanta could not be resolved with a simple account of a continuous field with proximal actions and reaction reciprocals.

The possibility of coherent, extra-dimensional transfer of information seems equally unlikely without a recursion of host libraries of information going to the initial library of data; perhaps God. For it seems evident that the Gödelian paradigm of the impossibility of a set of all sets containing itself (except for God) within a logically structured paradigm appears relevant for information too; at some level the information of quanta that need always exist as meta-quanta need coincide with a primary field. No library of information could be separated from the quanta.

If the Metaverse had no information about location and momenta of quanta apart from the quanta initially, the entirety of logically ordered structures or relations among quanta or quantum fields should be improbable.

The virtual ship encountered a quantum coherence information insult to its descent into decoherence on the secretion named Port Sill. Sill it seemed, had some form of quantum censorship that screened its location from concatenated wave function in-itself quantum fields, yet the virtual relocator ship overcame the quantum jitters; kedging its quanta through the screen in harmony with decoherence information arriving from no-space set them into a steady state form. Victor and Laura reached Sill and stepped onto a busy city street.

“Look down the block Victor; a cafe with tables on the sidewalk. Let’s see what they’ve got”, Laura said.

As they walked down the street they could not miss the fact that the buildings occupied just one side of the street. The opposite side was vacant, yielding to the vista of the great valley with mountains beyond. Reaching the restaurant, a sign proclaimed it the Good Shits Cafe. They sat down at a table. A waiter appeared with a menu for each.

“Good morning travelers” the waiter said.

“Good morning; just water and croissants for us with vita-spread. Let us have a bottle of liquid computer too” Laura replied.

The waiter left and returned quickly with their order. Victor opened a large clear bottle with swirling images inside and poured the viscous liquid onto the tables’ surface.

Liquid computers are powered with solar photon collecting intelligent and self ordering liquid crystals convecting their own implicit memories capable of forming self-standing structure internally and externally. Observers have been inspired to emulate adaptive micro-artificial intellect elements to fabricate synthetic neurons converting the entire human nervous system into one saturated with locally thinking components able to radically increase, analyze and network sense data.

The liquid computer was usefully adaptive to angles of solar power input so operating criterion conformed its shape of being. Able to adapt their viscosity across a full range of solid to liquid substance, they can interpret broad band frequency content and sort through infinite data to isolate those of salient profitability for the user..

The computer became a full circle, angled toward the sunlight from a star over the valley and began displaying an advertisement for world conquering software.

Skoolya Systems offered a plan for a pittance that detailed the way a criminal minority could concentrate wealth and takeover political power from a majority on any frontier planet by setting restive internal proletariats and political minorities against the majority. Dividing and conquering while sympathizing with minorities against the majority political power that was a rival to the upwardly mobile criminal minority seeking to concentrate wealth for-itself was proven, tried and true. The advertisement claimed that a tiny criminal minority of less than one percent of the population could control ninety-nine percent of a planet’s wealth by appealing to and unifying numerical minorities of the populous against a powerful majority that is the rival of criminal minorities. The divided minorities, when united, would in theory, become the new dominant majority.

The ad explained criminal imperialism can draw in broad allegiance against democracy politically, eliminate taxation of the rich and downgrade the former majority political power rivals; apparently the newly empowered political classes that replace the previous founding class of a democracy would have no concerns politically beyond trading places with the former majority political power that had repressed the concentration of wealth through taxation and democratic means of governing.

The satisfaction of being the perceived new majority political power would blind the new political power to their role as minions of their sponsoring and coordinating political overlords that own the public media, planetary business and political campaign finance.

The way to own a world politically could be purchased from Skoolya Systems with just five easy payments of some paltry sum such as a tenth of a planet’s gross space output and the marriage of an heir to one of the junior executives of Skoolya.

Skoolya’s got an easy, feasible plan to orchestrate takeover of a world economy by a criminal gang with a minimum of violence instead accentuating new repression and subterfuge. For example, names of salient social establishments including religion can be expropriated with name-snatching alternate meaningful redefinitions. People will be led to believe up is down and inside out for a key to control is embedded in the use of language.

Then there is the additional lesson plan for manipulating elites to support the imperial control for environmental reasons ostensibly necessary to reduce global population to sustainable environmental levels. Social engineering methods can be applied with solid criminal enterprises of mind altering drugs, sop jobs with good pay instead of ubiquitous robotics and the elimination of morals to lead the populace into a withering yet contented condition of population decrease.

Ancient Earth’s population drop from ten billion to a sustainable two billion (before final elimination of the non-criminal rich) was a prototype proof of concept”. Victor looked a little worried about the ad.

“Well Victor”, Laura said; “That is a Charybdis and Scylla approach to a kit for building a local Imperial Criminal Empire; the home grown implementation of subtle and constant coercion of a population leading itself to destruction. Alternatively, the one percenters establish a base and blast the population away with neutron bombs approaching the experience on your planet of Mars.

It is remarkable that populations groomed by criminal imperialist gangs to takeover democracies don’t see the criminals as threats to democracy for-themselves. Propaganda through public communications media obfuscates the simple fact that free enterprise democracy with high progressive taxation can defend democracy from criminal imperialism and authoritarian communism” Laura suggested.

“Sure Laura, free enterprise and democracy with high progressive taxation keeps wealth concentration below half a planets total wealth of resources and democracy alive. With functioning free enterprise, democracy flourishes with a marketplace of ideas that finds solutions to environmental challenges. Mars was moving that way to a limited extent, in the decades before the arrival of Serenity and the N.T.S.A.

Some democracy activists sought to be as free as the main sequence economies of the Dwindling Worlds before the attrition there began.” Victor finished and took a deep swig from a bottle of ice water. The liquid computer advertisement concluded and the main menu appeared.

“Solving the environment and biosphere decline challenges while adapting a planetary economy to realistic challenges of population increase and natural resource limits can be done with free enterprise democracies if the delusions of the masses concerning functions of democracies and economic systems as self-regulating without need for intelligent human design can be exposed as fallacies.

Let’s see what this world of Port Sill has besides restaurants and valley views.” Laura said, selecting a description of the primary facts of Port Sill.

They say the basic economic role of Port Sill was to act as the trans-dimensional Jade Gate to the original Universe from the hidden one.

“Esse est percipi?” Laura wondered.

“To be is to perceive” Victor exclaimed.

Beyond the Jade Gate was the Hexi extra-dimensional revolving corridor; a virtual conduit from the Hidden Universe to the Lobang borderland. An entry into a secure middle-of-the galactic habitation zone region of the original Universe of humanity.

“Social reality is subject to relativity too Victor. Port Sill is a secretion with a direct standing corridor from the Hidden Universe to the originating Universe of humankind. The people here lack a sense of phenomenality concerning the absurdity of their own existence and activity.

Sociologists are existentialists in a sense that they regard society objectively. They study the social dialectic without a perception of the phenomenal absurdity of human activities. Existential analysis is more valuable if it has a phenomenology in regard to being, and ontology.

Consider the freedom criminals have to leave the Hidden Universe and return to the originating Universe in order simply to loot and concentrate wealth just for reasons concerning increase of wealth and power. Those are drives not unlike those known by behavioral psychologists and fundamental, primitive organisms.

Social reality unreflectively defines the being of the social dialectic. Social reality renders it O.K. for a majority to torture a few or an individual with a utilitarian paradigm explaining that the great good and pleasure of the majority nullify the value of pain or harm to the individual. If the majority are sadists the people being converted to sadism torture and are tortured for pleasure. The social dialectic names it good; beyond good and evil.” Laura said.

“That may be so” said Victor. “Yet as Yogi Berra said; “If you come to a fork in the road; take it!”

“I take it you are agreeable to returning to the originating Universe then Victor?”

“Exactly Laura.”

Victor paid the bill at the cafe and they walked down the street toward the Jade Gate. Victor saw the city flag of Port Sill flying over city hall. The solemn clown leered upon them. Victor snapped off a commensurate mocking salute when they walked past.

Beyond city hall Laura and Victor spotted a billboard with a business a few feet further named ‘The Cosmology Store’. The billboard was a campaign advertisement for President of the Secretion that urged; “Vote Maggot E. Scumbag for President; he is more realistic than you- in your wallet you know he’s right”.

The Cosmology store drew their interest sufficiently to bring a pause in their way to the Jade Gate. “Let’s see what they’ve got in stock” Laura said.

She put her hand on the door handle of the shop and turned it, then entered. A bell attached to the top of the door tinkled; a recorded greeting sounded off; “Welcome valued criminal prole customer, we are here to serve you”. A dark skinned oriental man stood behind the counter. He said; “Welcome to the Cosmology store. How may I be of service?”

“What sort of merchandise do you offer?” Laura inquired.

“Well, I can see that neither of you are run of the mill criminals of the Secretions. May I ask if you are from the original Universe?”

“Is it that obvious?” Victor asked.

“Yes, I believe it is; your manner of speech and phrasing differs substantially from that of residents or frequent travelers to the Hidden Universe.”

He brought up two and a half million flimsies; actualized cosmology theories in four dimensional settings that demonstrated the way cosmology of a theory would actualize if it were true.

“These are our usual inventory; for you, I may have some additional material that you may discover to be of value. Walk with me.” the shopkeeper said.

Laura, Victor and the shopkeeper walked to a Faraday cage and settled into recliners.

“Let me offer you some refreshment” the shopkeeper said. May I recharge your energy attire and provide peach-mint fizz?” the shopkeeper asked.

“That is too kind, thank you.” Laura said.

The shopkeeper waved a hand over a light keyboard on an armrest. Victor and Laura’s energy-nutrient survival business suits were wirelessly recharged and the color gradually receded rendering each transparent.

“My name is Muni Sakyason.”

“Happy to know you; I am Laura Thought and this is Victor Scriabin, we are professionals from the original Universe here investigating matters of concern.”

“Being so near the Jade Gate I infer that you are planning a return to your universe soon?”

“That we are” Victor replied.

“There is something you might find of interest. I have been waiting some time to find non-criminals from the original to apprise of a certain cosmological item” Muni said.

“Well, we are open to that”, Laura replied.

“The criminals of the Imperial Criminal Empire use the Hexi corridor for easy transit to the original Universe from the Hidden Universe. It is a quick, direct, expedient approach from one to the other. There is however a greater capacity and function of the Hexi corridor than is known unto Maud Dlib or the Serenity Corporation.” Muni Sakyason said.

“And what is that Muni Sakyason?” Victor asked.

“Usually one transits the Hexi corridor without pause; in the wink of an eye. My quantum mechanics friend Hyrim Hershey decided to investigate the structure of the corridor in more detail than had the criminals that exploited its facility for easy movement alone.

For the criminals if it worked that was all that needed to be asked, for Hershey there were no bars to knowledge that would stop him from savoring investigation of the Hexi. Collecting strings and woven quantum mechanical systems patches he was able to slow his transit through the corridor and discover an infinite number of alternate dimension entries and exits to an infinite number of universes.

The more Hershey looked into the matter to commence the process of mapping the greater was the freedom of range of access revealed. An infinite number of universes were visited via a trans-finite Meta-universal quantum tunnel super-positioned by design of some unknown agency.”

“That is remarkable Muni Sakyason. Is there sense and structure or simply chaos in the assembly of universes on-line through the Hexi?” Laura inquired.

“Laura, Gödel’s trans-finite numbers paradigmata with some infinities being greater than others have resonance in more than logical structures; all numbers have relative values in the abstract comparable to the way matter and energy are relative to an observer whom is in motion or at rest.

Probabilities exist in relation to conjectures within relativistic paradigms. Probabilities too may change for an observer in motion or at rest. In the Hexi corridor, will and continuities of being are probabilities mathematically arrayed; conjectures as it were of relational probabilities of super-positioned states of uncollapsed waves of real states of existence. Through the Hexi corridor an infinite field of probability connects all possible universes.

Probabilities of quanta being and non being at all possible locations and contingent time may collapse entangled in steady states as mass and energy Higgs field interactions for the original Universe and comparably for-all-others. That means that if there are single universes dominated by criminals captivating all patentable ideas there may an infinite number of universes being captivated equally well by criminals usurping intelligent thought for-themselves-and-no-others.

My friend Liu Bang and I have resisted the conquest of patentable thought as best we can, yet it is within the original Universe that the foundation of the improbable conquest of intelligent, rational ideas began, and in my opinion, need be stopped in order to defeat the loss of free creative thought across the Metaverse”, Muni Sakyason explained.

“So to be clear Muni, the Hexi corridor comprises pure probabilities of uncollapsed wave super-positions of all possible Universes regardless of time or space constraints since those items are contingencies of steady state entanglements?”

“Yes, exactly Laura”, Muni agreed. “And it may be used to journey across the entire Metaverse as time, space and order are contingent states relative to the One being before all others whom encompasses all mathematical logic relational structures; probabilities and dimensions in actual creative thought of the One.”

“Marvelous Muni Sakyason. Perhaps we ought to return to the original universe to let our people know of the fact” Laura said.

“If I were you, I would think the better course might be to return to the original Universe and convey enough information to your people to defrappe some of the theft of ideas by the Imperial Criminal Empire’s agents. If you were to disclose the fact about the probabilities of the Hexi corridor itself, that might leak to the criminals, and they would thence be able to liberate their criminal activities to greater conquests.”

“Sure Muni, I agree”, said Victor.

Laura added; “Then the logical step would be to determine a way to counter the infinite profusion of criminals across the Metaverse working to expropriate creative thought and patentable ideas for-themselves and to collapse their waveform down to kinder, gentler ways that would render them to inert, non criminal forms?”

“Yes”, agreed Muni; “That would be a positive course of events.”

Muni Sakyason looked at Laura and said; ”May I suggest that before you enter the Jade Gate you adjust your business attire coloring to a shade of opaque gray; the common coloring for resident criminals of Lobang at the original Universe destination of those traveling the Hexi corridor will be stimulated sexually by a glimpse of your disopaqued bodies.”

Victor interjected; “Forensic accountants of the Dwindling Worlds aren’t sluts.”

“Of course not Victor”, Sakyason replied; “However the people of Lobang do not ordinarily use any form of libido suppressors and commonly are sexual predators. They have a primitive regard for females uncommon among civilized worlds, besides those of reptile dominion planets that practice seasonal cluster f’ing.

My associate Liu Bang has developed the most efficient martial arts fighting style designed by a self-learning A.I. program algorithm. The A.I. fought every style of martial art and discovered the most efficient combination of styles in fashion and historical systems methodically similar to the way ancient chess engines learned the most efficient ways to move chess pieces to victory. I have a temporal brain pack for each of you with Liu Bang’s fighting style to add to your subconscious if you wish.”

“That might be a useful tool. Thanks. May I ask why you are so helpful in providing knowledge to us Muni?” Laura asked.

“The Imperial Criminal Empire and the Serenity Corporation create a disturbance in the Tao of being; that is they have plopped repercussions across the Metaverse as they actualize the goals of dominating all intelligent ideation for-themselves. That end is against principles of self-awareness and counter to self-referencing set theory uncertainties and could lead to the nihilation of large portions of the Metaverse.

Though some say that belief in God is the fifth heresy of Buddhism and that existence is an illusion itself, uncertainty is fundamental to being and God is the sine qua non of self referencing sets; He must be in order for being or nothingness to exist. Mine is simply a choice for life.”

Sakyason said; “Victor and Laura, it was my pleasure to meet you. God speed with your mission. You presently need resume your way to the Jade Gate, down the street two hundred meters and around the corner to the left. We are blown. My sensors indicate that Maud Dlib’s special laser rifles are closing in, descending from above and down the street. You must hurry! I have preparations to make.”

Getting up from the recliners, Laura and Victor swiftly exited the store and walked briskly away from it down the street. When they reached the turn to the Jade Gate they looked back and saw one hundred paratroops and landsmen. Streltsy wearing Dlibian military uniforms of Serenity Corporation security arrived at the building when a blinding, deafening explosion inflated space with grit of demolished masonry, shards of glass and an avalanche of debris of the Cosmology Store that was, alas, no more.

Laura walked faster along the street; “I see the Jade Gate Victor.”

“So many criminals in the Secretions Laura”, Victor said as they drew near the entrance to the Hexi corridor. “If criminals exist at the sufferance of fate awaiting disposition chasing golden shadows of mountains, what shall they lack gathered at Lobang, unfulfilled even with looted ideas of a galaxy?”

Laura thought “We shall need adapt our appearance for the exit before entry in the Jade Gate”. She said; “We need choose a suitable motif for our costumed entry to the new world beyond the gate; any ideas?”

“Why not go as Serenity Corporation security officers Laura?”

“Yes of course Victor”. Each adjusted their business suits to the black and white zebra colors of Serenity security officers before they walked.

The Jade Gate stood open and opulent; a shimmering a cascade of the colors of being over nothingness. Through the veil of unbecoming they passed together.

And they emerged on Lobang at an uncertain location, yet at a time in the original Universe advanced from their departure from the original Universe by the number of hours they had spent within the Hidden Universe.






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