Concentrated Wealth; Why Some Churches have made Sin Official

When churches make sin such as homosexuality officially OK. and perform homosexual marriages many Americans are down with it Sitting comfortably in pews they can consider Wall Street portfolio performance and think about how to survive inflation profitably.

Traditionally inflation was bad for capital investments that were locked in to a low rate of return. Capital usually rises faster than wages so wealth over time becomes concentrated as big capitalists glom up smaller capital clumps in various kinds of buyouts. Setting aside the inconvenience of Biblical sin from official church doctrine is a logical en passant action in the criterion of concentrating capital. It is sometimes useful for empires to annihilate national and religious spirit and install a uniform secular culture without dissenters.

It is interesting to consider the historian Arnold Toynbee’s paradigm of challenge and response that he used to analyze the rise and fall of civilizations. As a contemporary American the United States is of interest; wealth is concentrating in the United States equal to that of Mexico presently so one may wonder how that affects broader social criteria for freedom, democracy and basic well-being for citizens.

Without enough challenges individuals and societies may not develop skills at overcoming challenges. Inherited wealth may allow living in inherited incomes, properties and so forth that require no ingenuity, adaptivity or challenges to overcome for the heirs. As wealth concentrates and a class rises with such unchallenged people owning most of the nation’s capital a certain kind of financial conservatism can develop that is not one of conservative moral values or classical virtue. It is instead a fiscal conservatism that descries challenges to one percent of society owning about everything or at least subjugating all of the capital that it does not directly possess.

The ruling class does not want to seem to be so. It hires and promotes minorities in the United States into positions that it receives in the existing system and would not otherwise have already attained, or so it is led to believe. A meritocracy defines itself by how well individuals support the values of the one percent including censoring social media. Pro football is greatly entertaining yet completely useless and even parasitical as millions are led to follow the seasonal cycle of not producing anything material at all for the benefit of the masses. Chess champion Bobby Fischer at least invented the Fischer time clock. Einstein’s theories of relativity are instrumental in space work with satellites, farmers produce food to eat and football is nothing more than an opiate of the masses.

The fundamental problem in the United States is the return of a mostly unchallenged class that promotes values mostly of self-serving special interest to itself. Keeping capital from becoming overly concentrated and democracy sliding into plutocracy is a great challenge to overcome for society generally and isn’t likely to be met well. It will be interesting to see where that leads with farces like border porosity for non-citizen illegal labor to enter and keep labor supply cheap and the middle class weak. Not only is the nation no longer a real democracy, it has an inherent sub-class of non-citizen workers that cannot even vote.






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