Pres Biden forwards tradition of Creepy Democrat Treachery

When it was revealed that former Vice President Joe Biden had left classified documents at one of his Trump administration era offices he continued the tradition of creepy Democrat leadership treachery inititated by the Clinton administration (cf )

President Biden and Democrat leadership excoriated Donald Trump and supported F.B.I. raids at the Trump Florida residence to look for classifed documents. Mr. Biden expressed surprise that he had possessed classified documents one might believe, disingenuously.

A part of Democrat Party playbook seems to be to U.S. nationalism and religion too since they may conflict with imperial style aims to make world culture cinform to post-modernist values. Lying, cheating and stealing are acceptable modus operandi to accomplish that objective for the moral subjectivists.

Maybe Mr. Biden had thousands of classified domuments and the few discovered- perhaps ten, were the scum at the bottom of the pot…one will never know. Like Hillary Clinton’s emails that disappeared with a wiped hard drive or the truth about Hunter Biden and Ukrainian business or mafia relations a veil of obscurantism and the dark haze of sympathetic broadcast media ‘coverage’, encountering the actual facts would be as rare as the spectre of cream puffs falling from the sky.






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