Classified Documents Strewn about by Joe Biden 7 Years?

Apparently when Joe Biden was Vice President he took numerous classified documents from secure government facilities to his home and offices around the country and didn’t return them when he left office. The amazing element to the story is that additional documents continue to turn up nearly seven years after he was no longer the Vice President of the United States. He knew that as a private citizen all of those classified documents should have been returned.

So the narrative is that he simply forgot to return them and left them strewn about his offices and home in unsecured locations for seven years or more for unauthorized persons (including himself) to gaze upon at their pleasure. His two or three offices with classified documents might not have been empty and not visited when he wasn’t in them, and people attending parties at his home may have had the opportunity to rummage through his garage to examine any documents there or elsewhere. Former Vice Presidents have one secret service agent with them for life yet one guy watching a politician’s security wouldn’t necessarily be able to watch out for espionage efforts among those frequenting the Biden’s home and offices.

In my opinion loose security and rule breaking for a privileged class of self-entitled government insiders is de rigeur for post-modernists unconcerned with national security including border security in comparison to furthering the global cultural agenda of Democrats and plutocratic sponsors spawning wars to take over the planet’s markets. Evil and its sycophants haven’t a capacity to reason outside the conquest box and will configure affairs, control the media narrative and consolidate matters of political economy in order to rule through the new yet aging world order.

Toynbee’s paradigm of cycles of civilizations include successful civilizations rising to a universal phase of global power. That over-reach is the final phase when followed by internal collapse and disintegration. Though the United States is a part of one world civilization these days that has emerged from one world market, it was not to the advantage of the United States to transform its economy into nothing more than a global plutocratic market place for the world without reservation. It is rather ironic that Aristotle’s idea that democracies break down into tyranny could be supported by another idea of his that common areas become the least well maintained of social areas as people focus more on privately held interests; it seems that the United States as a marketplace owned by global plutocrats will not maintain its social spending or federal budget as the public sector becomes neglected in pursuits of hegemony over Russia and Eurasia.






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