Should the U.S. Prioritize Ending the Ukraine War with Far Eastern Ukraine Going to Russia?

The United States is funding a war in Ukraine with billions and billions of dollars and equipment going to that nation to prop up its military power. When all that required for peace is to recognize Russia’s historical and arguably valid claims to be the real owners of much of Ukraine would the rational thing be to just cut the baby in half like Solomon and give each party a large chunk?

So Russia gets Crimea and the far east of Ukraine, a demilitarized zone is established of some thirty miles in width- although civilians can live in it, and both parties of the contested divorce are happy for Valentine’s day with love and balloons instead of more massacres. Unless the west did intend and continues to intend to beat down Russia until it has immoral values of the Democrat Party and Plutocrats, a peace settlement with free trade and maybe no taxes on businesses located in the demilitarized zone from anyone for twenty years will make the issue of national ownership of piddling importance.

Europeans and leftists forever have descried nationalism as the source of wars (in error I.M.O.); now would be their opportunity to prove it and quite supporting Ukrainian nationalism to own all of the formerly Russian regions of Ukraine.

The war is a perfect illustration of the rule of law meaning the rule of force. Because the west supports total annexation of Ukraine from Russia in regard to the end of the Cold War 1.0 and there is no appeal to any higher, non-western power for Russia, the logic principle of Ultima ratio regum– the logic of kings, is bared; with Russia fighting against the west side to retake its former land.






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