Historical Video Game Builds and Hair of the Dog Ice Cream

If there was an ice cream named Hair of the Dog that would make for innumerable Humphrey Bogart comedy lines. If playing video games built with accurate historical settings, scripts. reconstructions and movements one could take a break in game play with a bowl of Hair of the Dog.

I would think the coursera.org course I finished recently named The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem would be a good source material for a video game with vast people movements between Babylon and Judah, wars, evolutions of empires (Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian/Achaemenid), dynasties like the Hasmonean (Maccabees), interesting dynamic politics between kingdoms and empires, purges, slaves and so forth. Reconstructing the Temple some time after the destruction of the first and razing of Jerusalem would make great video too. The more historical knowledge on has the more full, complete and instructive the game could be inclusive of numerous false historical lines to take that result in somme sort of corrective action.






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