Anchorage is the Miserableist City?

Viewing a news article one click bait add placed ‘the most miserable city in America’ in Alaska. I guessed it was Anchorage and clicked on the link. It turned out that there were 50 pages with one city per page each to go through to see the number one spot so I shut it down. Instead I looked up the misery index for Anchorage and discovered a zillion other pages with Anchorage as the worst place to be. Wrangell Alaska did not make the list of the top twenty ‘worst places to live’ in Alaska or any of the other lists I discovered though neighboring Petersburg did. Sometimes its best not to be a winner.

Another article listed Anchorage as ‘the most important city’ in America (per Billy Mitchell comment’ and one found Anchorage to have ‘the hardest working’ Americans.

The Alaska Triangle; 16,000 Missing Persons

I will include a video I made in Anchorage the winter of 2010-11 on existential writers. I slept in a tent on the ground that winter while looking for a job without luck, going broke. I walked around some distance every day for something to do and took a few photos of the loop. Then Mayor of Anchorage Dan Sullivan made camping in city parks illegal so one needed to take extra care not to have one’s tent location discovered by his authorities.

During the winter I hadn’t money to buy propane to heat water so I drank iewater kept from freezing even at zero by keeping it in contact with the ground and covering it with sleeping bags. The Earth warmth kept a plastic gallon jug from freezing before it was drank. Drinking ice-water kills one’s microbiome though and it can be some trouble to restart with pro-biotics many people aren’t aware of.

It is bloody cold sleeping months on the ground around zero to 20F. Yet was also illuminating and not too miserable. I think its people that make life miserable more so than the environment. Apparently too many years of that can make the spinal cord stiff. I suppose the spinal cord hasn’t got much protection from freezing its fluids etc. Have a return ticket when looking for work in Anchorage.






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