Mass is a Secondary Quality of Energy Embedded in the Higgs Field/Relativity

I had a dream or something like that this morning that brought me to consider relativity in the Higgs field as if I was going to explain it to a class of non-mathematicians like myself. I looked at Google search about the field equations for general relativity and got a couple of useful, succinct paragraphs…

The Einstein Field Equations are ten equations, contained in the tensor equation shown above, which describe gravity as a result of spacetime being curved by mass and energy., which specifies the spacetime geometry.”


Einstein made two heuristic and physically insightful steps. The first was to obtain the field equations in vacuum in a rather geometric fashion. The second step was obtaining the field equations in the presence of matter from the field equations in vacuum.

Mass is an emergent characteristic of energy slowed down passing into the Higgs field. Relativity; the special and general theories, explain the relationship of space-time relationships of mass-energy particles have traveling in the Higgs field. Mass attracts other mass at the speed of light- the speed limit of any mass in motion, and of course loses times as it acquires speed for space and time are one unified field in the Higgs field.

Probably space is really an empty dimension and the Higgs field fills it and gives it the qualities of being a unified space-time for mass embedded within it. Quantum particles travel at the speed of light, or nearly, and are massless. In the Higgs field some massless particles pick up the characteristics of mass as they are slowed and their energy is converted or transformed into mass that seems to be an inert phase of energy; an appearance of being mass and solid.

Quantum particles and the characteristics of quantum particles with small amounts of mass; quantum orbital spacing and distance, charges etc are functions of theoretical units of mass in the relativistic apparent aspects of the Higgs field acting on mass. Quantum uncertainty is necessary for quantum particles because mass is an apparent rather than an actual phenomenon at all times subject to the characteristics of being mass in a Higgs Field. Because there isn’t actually mass; just some kind of grand appearance of massless, highly energetic field particles entangled at the quantum level, and because space-time is unified though space itself hasn’t real dimensions either-simply apparent dimensions defined by the Higgs fields governance for some reason unknown to me (as is the grand reality of energy in massless particles that download or flux into the Higgs field space-time) it is reasonable that quantum entanglement can exchange information faster-than-light because the information may be more real and equivalent to the level of the Higgs Field’s ‘altitude’ than mass.

There is a point made in physics, if I recall correctly, that quanta may have mass in one dimension yet not in another. Spin of quanta may alternate from massless to mass in various dimensions, and there are four dimensions of space-time. On a mathematical line there is no spacing between points- it is a continuum. Quanta on the line may have mass on that line yet non in dimensions intersecting it. I suppose quanta in the Higgs entangle dimension characteristics in their positions of being.

I would like to think of the relationship of the Higgs field in the context of Neo-Platonism. In Plotinus the expositor of Plato several centuries later- about six-hundred years in the second century C.E., Plotinus in 54 tracts named The Enneads wrote of the realm of forms operated by the Intelligence/Spirit who downloads copies into a Universe where they seem real objects. Quantum information would be in the realm of forms and the quanta themselves in the world of real objects. Relativity; special and general, govern the relationships of energy quanta embedded in the Higgs Field of real objects.






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