On the First Aleph Beth Writing (a poem)

One struggles to sort through Sumerian script
eloquent writing of wars, dieties and whips
muddy clay tablets encyclopedias full
compiled with the rise of civilization pre cull

“Mesilim, king of Kiš, at the command of Ištaran, measured the field and set up a stele there.” wrote Entemana of Lagas in 2400 B.C.
He continued; “Ush, ruler of Umma, acted unspeakably.”

Yet over the fertile Crescent, far far away
Egyptians were scrivening for another day
Semitic peoples were working upon their own script
phonetic translations of hieroglyphic wit
earliest proto-consonantal manuscripts
in Amenhotep III’s 18th year
circa 1842 B.C. Sinai 377
well before blank verse caught up with King Lear
t’was at Sinai 115 Wadi Nasb, hometown of Joesph read
115- “Six Levantines, Hebrews of Bethel, the beloved.”

Proto-Sinaiatic or Proto-Canaanite morphed Egyptian
with Joseph’s transliterative works
of dream coat introspection
on the road to Serabit, Cairo, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Gath?

A Canaanite trader from down on the coast
bought a custom made ivory lice comb
of which he could boast
as one of the elite of concentrated globalist wealth
only African ivory would do for his health
“”May this tusk root out the lice from the hair and the beard.”
a few centuries more and the artifactual tool speared
– the Lord being angry at coastlanders’ gods
pagans no more sensible than worshipping hogs
developed with the defeated tearing hair and glory togs.

At the Elah Fortress at Khirbet Qeiyafa near where David slew Goliath
a ten century BCE Hebrew script in Proto-Cannanite emerged
before the Euro-Canaanites moved on
becoming replaced over millennia by neo-Cannanite throngs

Aleph beth symbols explain pronunciation sounds
a unique innovation unpictographicly found
in the great fertile crescent and from Egypt to Spain
cascaded a flood of words and symbols
no illiteracy could remain.







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