Incompleteness Theorems and the Unknown as Fiction (poem)

Regarding the unknown as fiction
multiverses in the mind of God
forever and ever time slowed down
to a single instant from eternity found

Eternal recursion within thought’s spirit base
future and past within present space
time for the saved, elected to ever
unbelievers were lost for choosing the never

escribe mi nombre on relativistic clocks
where microseconds are years
of one day each ticking tock
space time compacted to smoke and mirrors

Reflections of everwhen’s quantum entanglements
transparent singularities foreshadowed
with Holy sacraments
when time isn’t borrowed

The Lord in-the-world
a presence from eternity
visited the secular temporal
being the gate to God’s infinity

Why does a Universe manifest God’s thought
as concentric expansions of incompleteness theorems sought
like Neo-Platonist emanations of the One’s Mystery
becoming the reality of everyday history.






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