The Culture of Transistor Loopiness (poem)

Transistors and programming loops defined
iterations of economic fruit like grapes on the vine
maturing and aging to alcoholic mirth
applications in new technology for what its worth

  Software spinning tighter for every thread
faith in microcircuits to preserve the dead
while asphalt streets absorb rays of the sun
promoting global heating with the force of the gun

  Weapons of war improved to kill and maim
draw loaded investors like moths to the flame
mass and energy to catalyze profits once more
brought Pandora’s box to Charon’s front door

  Recombinant research split the genetic code
growing human organs with the mind of the toad
leap frogging reason fusion’s implosions untamed
recombine reason with technological AI games

  Retro-causality multiplying quantum entanglements
complexity of nature with predicable predicaments
sins of omission and commission apply
technology to profits with externalities sky high.






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