Voids Within Evolving Thermodynamic Fields (a poem)

Creative destruction of fire makes a peaceful clearing
without any trouble leaving none breathing
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
settling clouds of tephra fuss
claiming bodies to peacefully enshroud
after artillery loud
has quieted its deadly, deafening thunder

Peace within the edge-rings of war
advance like chokes upon nature’s chat
downward, soundward scintillas of hope
war mongers ate up profitable jokes

An evolution of power is concentrated wealth
good-for-onself yet not everyone’s health
advancing claim lines of political forms
politics of war lack peaceful mean’s norms

Enters the dragon of conflict resolution
cleansed with the mortality of death’s own ablutions
baptisms of fire
revolutions of waste
forests crash down at irrational pace

Reasons to govern and build peaceful wells
creative and thriving with waters of life
in the Lord’s presence wars need fade to hell
as millions of casualties lived not too well

Only mortals arriving bled
crucibles of economic change
conveyor belts of the machine
function as organs of wealth arranged
dialectical conflicts
find frozen ideological camps
ossified ideas in profit making scams

Echoes of silent peace-
voids from political engines
sell oiled machines to billions of minions.






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