Doesn’t China Gain Leverage on Russia by Holding Back Weapons Transfusions a While?

China may gain an advantage by presently withholding reinforcing Russia’s depleting weapons and explosives cache in a completely reversible policy down the road. The weaker Russia becomes the more concessions China may gain from its neo-ally to the west. Especially with dire warnings and imprecations from the Biden administration concerning consequences to China if they match the west in providing weapons to Ukraine’s belligerents, the public perception through the media of Chinese moderation is another advantage that would make Russia more grateful for any help China provides militarily. China can reap the harvest of appearing to be more moderate now and bare its arms for transfusions of weapons to Russia later if it becomes necessary to prevent N.A.T.O.’s proxies from retaking the Donbas and other areas claimed by Russian political and military forces.

Western calculations concerning the war are mostly predicated upon China not supplying weapons in any sort of equal proportion to N.A.T.O. supplied weapons and advisers going to the Ukraine which is a real borderland between East and West. The battle for global control seems to have taken a physical dimension of war in Eastern Ukraine, while the U.S. media and administration also focuses on a two-front war occurring with the possibility of a Chinese attack upon Taiwan.

Securing Taiwan against Chinese aggression was always a matter of providing sufficient arms to Taiwan to deter attack and getting along well with Russia and make China somewhat more militarily isolated with the improbability of Russia working against the west in event of a Chinese attack. The Biden administration’s policy implementation has developed worst case scenarios short of nuclear conflict on both fronts of the completely avoidable two-front potential nuclear conflict. Especially with the recurrent leak about Covid-19 and the Wuhan lab to stoke political antipathy toward China, the Chinese have been shoe-horned into their position that leaves little room for maneuver in comparison to the sea of alternative global economic and military postures that would arrive with different approaches by the U.S. Government that would be beneficial to all parties concerned.






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